Dale Jarrett
Dale Arnold Jarrett is a former American
United States
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 race car
Auto racing
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 driver and current sports commentator known for winning the 1999 NASCAR
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 Winston Cup Series championship. He is the son of two-time Grand National Champion Ned Jarrett
Ned Jarrett
Ned Jarrett is a retired race car driver and two-time NASCAR champion.Jarrett was best known for his calm demeanor, and he became known as "Gentleman Ned Jarrett", yet he was an intense competitor when he put his two hands on the steering wheel of a NASCAR Grand National stock car...

, younger brother of Glenn Jarrett
Glenn Jarrett
Glenn Jarrett is a former NASCAR driver from Conover, North Carolina and the oldest son of Ned Jarrett and older brother of Dale Jarrett. He made 10 Winston Cup starts from 1978 to 1983 with a best finish of 12th at Ontario Motor Speedway...

; a former NASCAR driver himself and pit commentator, father of former driver Jason Jarrett, and cousin of Todd Jarrett
Todd Jarrett
Todd Jarrett is a competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and film-maker. He is a National and World Practical Shooting Champion. He holds four World titles, nine National titles and has won more than 50 Area championships, as well as many other action shooting events...

. Beginning in 2007, Jarrett joined the ESPN
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 broadcasting team as an announcer in select Nationwide Series races.