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DEA is the commonly used acronym for the Drug Enforcement Administration, a United States law enforcement agency.DEA or Dea may also refer to:- Organizations :* DEA , UK development education charity...

is the commonly used acronym for the Drug Enforcement Administration, a United States law enforcement agency.

DEA or Dea may also refer to:


  • DEA (charity)
    DEA (charity)
    DEA is a British charity which works to promote education about international development. It was founded in 1993 by a group of major charities including CAFOD, Oxfam, ActionAid, Save the Children and Christian Aid, and evolved from NADEC, the National Association for Development Education Centres....

    , UK development education charity
  • Department of Economic Affairs (UK), a former UK government department headed by the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
  • Internationalist Workers' Left (Greece)
    Internationalist Workers' Left (Greece)
    The Internationalist Workers' Left is a revolutionary marxist organization in Greece, founded in 2001, having split from Socialist Workers' Party-International Socialist Tendency ....

    , abbreviated ΔΕΑ or DEA, a socialist political organization in Greece
  • RWE Dea AG, German public utility that purchased oil producer Deutsche Erdöl-Aktiengesellschaft

Science and technology

  • Data Encryption Algorithm, the block cipher algorithm defined in (and often referred to as) the Data Encryption Standard
    Data Encryption Standard
    The Data Encryption Standard is a block cipher that uses shared secret encryption. It was selected by the National Bureau of Standards as an official Federal Information Processing Standard for the United States in 1976 and which has subsequently enjoyed widespread use internationally. It is...

  • Data envelopment analysis
    Data Envelopment Analysis
    Data envelopment analysis is a nonparametric method in operations research and economics for the estimation of production frontiers. It is used to empirically measure productive efficiency of decision making units...

    , nonparametric method in operations research and econometrics
  • Dielectric thermal analysis
    Dielectric thermal analysis
    Dielectric Thermal Analysis , or Dielectric Analysis , is a materials science technique similar to dynamic mechanical analysis except that an oscillating electrical field is used instead of a mechanical force...

    , or Dielectric Analysis, measures changes in dipole orientation and ion mobility in polymers
  • Diethanolamine, organic compound soluble in water
  • Disposable e-mail address
    Disposable e-mail address
    Disposable email addressing refers to an alternative way of sharing and managing email addressing. DEA aims to set up a new, unique email address for every contact or entity, making a point-to-point connection between the sender and the recipient...

    , creation of unique mail alias for each mail contact
  • Docosatetraenoylethanolamide, a biologically active lipid molecule

Education and society

, Spanish graduate degree, former French graduate degree
  • Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program (DEA), part of the G.I. Bill

Media and entertainment

  • DEA (1990 television series), reality-TV show
  • DEA (2008 television series)
    DEA (2008 television series)
    DEA is a reality television series in its second season airing on the Spike television network. DEA follows the jobs of a squad of Drug Enforcement Administration special agents as they track down leads and make narcotics busts on houses suspected of selling, producing, or trafficking drugs. The...

    , reality-TV show
  • Dea (album), full-length album by the Russian Power Metal band Catharsis


  • Billy Dea
    Billy Dea
    William Fraser Dea was a professional ice hockey centre and head coach in the National Hockey League. He played with the New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, and Pittsburgh Penguins, scoring 67 goals and 54 assists in 397 games. In 1975 Dea became an assistant coach with the...

    , professional ice hockey player and head coach
  • Dea Birkett
    Dea Birkett
    Dea Birkett is a British writer, journalist, broadcaster and a former circus performer. She has written on social issues for The Guardian and broadcasts for BBC Radio 4...

     (born 1958), British writer
  • Dea Ecker
    Dea Ecker
    Dea Ecker leads Ecker Architekten, an Architecture and Interior Design practice based in Buchen, Germany. Ecker's projects include the Corporate Headquarters for Holly Hunt, LTD in Chicago, the town halls in Seckach and in Rosenberg, a community center in Zimmern, the Sparkasse in Hettingen, and...

    , architect
  • Dea Norberg
    Dea Norberg
    Andrea Heléne "Dea" Norberg is a Swedish singer and choirgirl who sang in most of Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest entries during the 2000s. Norberg has been involved in the Melodifestivalen house-choir between 2003–2006 and 2009, the choir for Sweden in Eurovision in 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006...

    , Swedish singer
  • Dea Sumantri
    Dea Sumantri
    Dea Sumantri is an Indonesian professional tennis player. She made her debut as a professional in 1999, aged 16, at an ITF tournament in Jakarta.Sumantri enjoyed some success as a junior player...

    , professional tennis player


  • Dea Dia
    Dea Dia
    In Roman mythology, Dea Dia is the goddess of growth. She was sometimes identified with Ceres, and sometimes with the equivalent Greek goddess Demeter....

    , goddess of growth in Roman mythology
  • Dea Matrona
    Dea Matrona
    In Celtic mythology, Dea Matrona was the goddess of the river Marne in Gaul.In many areas she was worshipped as a triple goddess, and known as Deae Matres , with a wider sphere of believed influence...

    , or "Divine mother goddess", goddess of the river Marne in Gaul
  • Dea Sequana, goddess of the river Seine in Gallo-Roman religion
  • Dea Syria
    Atargatis, in Aramaic ‘Atar‘atah, was a Syrian deity, " great goddess of northern Syria" ,"the great mistress of the North Syrian lands" Rostovtseff called her, commonly known to the ancient Greeks by a shortened form of the name, Aphrodite Derceto or Derketo and as Dea Syria, "Goddess of Syria"...

    , or Atargatis, "Goddess of Syria"
  • Dea Tacita
    Dea Tacita
    In Roman mythology, Dea Tacita was a goddess of the dead. In later times, she was equated with the earth goddess Larunda. In this guise, Dea Tacita was worshipped at a festival called Larentalia on December 23. Goddesses Mutae Tacitae were invoked to destroy a hated person: in this inscription In...

    , or "Silent goddess", goddess of the dead in Roman mythology