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In Kyrgyzstan:
  • Chui Province
  • Chui River

In South America:
  • Chuí, Rio Grande do Sul
    Chui, Rio Grande do Sul
    Chuí is a town located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. A border town, it shares its name with sister city Chuy, Uruguay. The two towns are contiguous and separated only by a street border, the Avenida Internacional, a situation also seen in a few other Brazilian border points, such as...

  • Chui Stream
    Chui Stream
    This article is about the South American stream. For the Central Asian Chu, Chui or Chuy River in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, see Chu River.The Chuí or Chuy Stream is a short stream on the Brazil-Uruguay border that is widely known as Brazil's southernmost point.It rises in a small swamp in the...

    , on the Brazil-Uruguay border

In Swahili
Chui means Leopard