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CMT Films

CMT Films

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CMT Films is the motion picture production division of Country Music Television
Country Music Television
Country Music Television, or CMT, is an American country music-oriented cable television network. Programming includes music videos, taped concerts, movies, biographies of country music stars, game shows, and reality programs...

. Its films are usually released by fellow Viacom
Viacom Inc. , short for "Video & Audio Communications", is an American media conglomerate with interests primarily in, but not limited to, cinema and cable television...

 division Paramount Vantage
Paramount Vantage
Paramount Vantage is the specialty film division of Paramount Pictures , charged with producing, purchasing, distributing and marketing films, generally those with a more "art house" feel than films made and distributed by its parent company.Paramount Classics was launched in 1998 and...


The first film that was produced by this studio was Broken Bridges
Broken Bridges
Broken Bridges is a 2006 film starring Toby Keith, Lindsey Haun, Burt Reynolds and Kelly Preston. The film, a music-drama, is centred on a fading country singer's return to his hometown near a military base in Kentucky where several young men who were killed in a training exercise on the base were...

. A notable film is the documentary on racing legend Dale Earnhardt. Titled Dale
Dale (film)
Dale is a documentary film about the life and career of NASCAR race car driver Dale Earnhardt. The film follows his career all the way to his death in the 2001 Daytona 500. Produced as a collaboration between CMT Films and NASCAR Images, the film premiered in theaters in selected cities in February...

, the film premiered in selected cities on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series circuit beginning in February 2007 to coincide with the beginning of the Nextel Cup season. Dale then debuted on CMT in the third quarter of 2007 and was released on DVD following the CMT premiere.