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Boris Mikhailovich

Boris Mikhailovich

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Boris Mikhailovich is, controversially, considered to have been Prince of Moscow from 1248 to 1263, preceding Daniil Aleksandrovich, who is more often named as the first Prince of Moscow
Grand Prince of Moscow
This is a list of Princes and Grand Princes of Russian Grand Duchy of Moscow.Note: the first 3 Princes are not members of the family of Daniel of Russia and their ownership of Moscow is disputed.- Princes of Moscow :* Vladimir Yuryevich This is a list of Princes and Grand Princes of Russian Grand...


Boris was the son of Mikhail Iaroslavich Khorobrit
Mikhail Khorobrit
Mikhail Iaroslavich Khorobrit was Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1248. He was a younger brother of Aleksandr Nevsky and he and his son, Boris, are sometimes said to have been princes of Moscow before Daniil Aleksandrovich, although this is not always accepted...

, who was the younger brother of Aleksandr Nevsky, and would thus have been Daniil's uncle. Boris' father was briefly Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1248, but Boris never seems to have held that title. Following Boris' death, Daniil took control of Moscow only in about 1283.