Abul Muzaffar Muhy-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir ( – ), more commonly known as Aurangzeb or by his chosen imperial title Alamgir ("Conquerer of the World"), was the sixth Mughal Emperor of India
Mughal Empire
The Mughal Empire ,‎ or Mogul Empire in traditional English usage, was an imperial power from the Indian Subcontinent. The Mughal emperors were descendants of the Timurids...

, whose reign lasted from 1658 until his death in 1707.

Badshah Aurangzeb, having ruled most of the Indian subcontinent
Indian subcontinent
The Indian subcontinent, also Indian Subcontinent, Indo-Pak Subcontinent or South Asian Subcontinent is a region of the Asian continent on the Indian tectonic plate from the Hindu Kush or Hindu Koh, Himalayas and including the Kuen Lun and Karakoram ranges, forming a land mass which extends...

 for nearly half a century, was the second longest reigning Mughal emperor after Akbar
Akbar the Great
Akbar , also known as Shahanshah Akbar-e-Azam or Akbar the Great , was the third Mughal Emperor. He was of Timurid descent; the son of Emperor Humayun, and the grandson of the Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Muhammad Babur, the ruler who founded the Mughal dynasty in India...

. In this period he tried hard to get a larger area, notably in southern India, under Mughal rule than ever before.