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Decline of the Roman Empire

Decline of the Roman Empire

What impact did the fall of the Roman Empire have on Western Europe?
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Decline of the Roman Empire discussion
What impact did the fall of the Roman Empire have on Western Europe?
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Well, chaos mostly. After centuries of relative peace and civilisation, the tribes in Western Europe went back to their old ''barbaric'' ways of living. This wouldn't change until about 600-800 A.D. when most tribes were converted to the Christian faith, thus starting the Middle Ages.
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I need to know the answer
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Huge impact under all points of view.

The fall of the Roman Empire brought about the formation of the barbaric kingdoms in most of the western part of Europe:
- Kingdom of Suebes in the North-West of Spain.
- Kingdom of Visigoths in Spain and in the southern part of France.
- Kingdom of Franchs in the Northen part of France.
- Kingdom of Siagrius, in the Western part of France, formally subjected to the Eastern Roman Empire.
- Kingdom of Burgunds, in the current Swizterland and Rhone-Alpes.
- A confederation of saxon kingdoms in England, fighting against some celtic tribes.
- Kingdom of Vandals in Africa.
- Kingdom of Alamans in Worms.
- Kingdom of Italy, a strange coexistence of romans and goths.
- Kingdom of Gepids in Hungary.
- Kingdom of Longobardians in Czech Republic.

New masters dominated the political scenary; the uncertainty reigned throughout the old empire; many wars broke out between the barbaric states (Visigoths vs Franchs; Franchs vs Alamans; Alamans vs Burgunds; Longobardians vs Gepids; Byzantines vs Goths), worsening the economies of many regions. Population decreased. The role of the Church became more important, in a contest in which the secular power was weak. The public infrastructures were ruined. The european commerce was interrupted and everything was driven apart.

The medieval era had started