The analysis of the collapse of the aztet empire and and compared to the western world using chaos d
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One of the immutalbe concepts behind chaos theory is the
idea that small influences can alter large non linear systems. One of the most popular illustration of this is
proven by illustrating weather systems.

This type of analysis in the hands of a master of the art
of chaos and complexity has been applied successfully to
human social systems.

From a sampling of the unstable deterministics in Cortez and the Aztec philosophy of cabal exopolitical culture there can be proven the outcome. This type of analysis can be defined, explaied and successfully used to predict the outcomes of a large number geopolitical quandries.
An obtious example is the muslim cultureal motivation and the western world early socialization of their childdren.

The psychological outome of the cognative maps of the world
strugle can be exptrpolated from these seperate deterministic syatems.