Piano Study
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Hello everyone!

I am a student at Cape Breton University, Canada, and I am currently involved in conducting some research involving music and motivation. I am also a musician myself who has played guitar for many years and have recently started learning piano. With the help of my supervisor, Dr. Peter MacIntyre (also a musician), various aspects of musical motivation in regards to playing the piano will be investigated. A similar study was recently done involving guitar and the feedback from participants was quite positive. Many had said that filling out the surveys allowed them to think about their own motivation as a musician and saw it as an interesting opportunity to self-reflect. So if you do choose to participate, you may really get something out of it!

We have two surveys that take about 15 minutes to fill out and your participation in our study would be greatly appreciated! The first survey is our main priority, so if you are crunched for time and can only fill out one, please choose to complete the first rather than the second. There are questions about the types of music you play, your reasons for playing and practicing piano, how you see yourself as a musician, and so on. We welcome all participants, from beginners to experts, including people who have not played in a while. Also keep in mind, the survey is totally anonymous!

So if you are interested, just click the link below and you are on your way! Thanks so much fellow musicians!


Gillian Potter & Dr. Peter MacIntyre