Global warming

Global warming

On a recent panel discussion on CBC Radio Harvie Andre tried to advance (as f...
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Global warming discussion
On a recent panel discussion on CBC Radio Harvie Andre tried to advance (as fact) that there is more ice than ever in the Arctic (actually, he never got to complete the (fatuous) statement, thankfully, maybe he was GOING TO say Antarctica)

Either way, he presents himself as a scientist so how can he come up with such a ridiculous contention ? Has he checked in with any Inuit or Polar Bears recently ?
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The best data indicate that the levels of Arctic ice seem to fluctuate on a fairly regular basis. In most warm periods there is no arctic ice at all. We maybe headed for one of those, we maybe headed for a cold period, it's a fifty fifty chance of either. Recently there is more ice but it's unwise to attach significant meaning to it.

Remember the second law of thermodynamics...change is inevitable and entropy is the rule.

As for bears and people, well, adaptation is a tough task master. Plenty of species and things have fallen to it before. If you want to ensure the survival of one or the other or both perhaps you could invite a village to live in your backyard along with a few polar bears. It would certainly be entertaining to watch. Cruel, but entertaining.

Or maybe the government could subsidize their for polar bears, free ice for Inuits. It's the caring, responsible thing to do.

I suggest you do some more research on this subject and stop listening to the general media. I did both and I know the truth. It's liberating.

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Mentioning the amounts of recorded ICE, brings to mind the 'Lost Squadron' which contained the semi crushed remains of 'Glacier Girl' (internet). Agenda driven, Main Stream Media will not acknowledge the facts, you will have to search for them yourself, your teachers will Never expose you to the facts. They are controlled by superiors and the curriculum is pre-ordained.

By last count there are over 25,000 polar bears. More than ever in recorded history. They are one of the most capable swimmers, approx 300 miles (483km) of any fur (hollow) bearing mammal. They can sleep while afloat. Fact: No danger to them, only a Media driven Obsession and Greenpeace helicopters/research vessels, driving them to exhaustion.

Inuit. Fact: They are in more danger from the 'Welfare State' rapidly destroying their culture and historically natural abilities, passed down through generations, to survive.

You Tube, 'Alaskan State Police', daily interaction with the Inuit, for some exposure to their 'realities' of our present 'Do-Good', interference obsessed society. We have Destroyed their cultures survival History. They are a now a 'Broken' controlled society of Dependency...
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I have come to the conclusion that we all have a little blame global warming and its consequences and guilt even more politicians who do not slow down.