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Global warming

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I have known for sometime that through calculations that per year -27 billion metric tons of carbon monoxide from humans -is put into the atmosphere(these calculations were of 12 yrs ago)and the earth does have a regulating system but being constantly added by us per day on the increase there is an affect to all life here. Will peoples understanding ever grow to realize ,we are changing this enviornment and not for the better -Yes I believe that govts do know this but material wealth seems to out weigh all other concerns including life upon this planet .
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I totally agree and would like to draw your attention to the neet little youtube clip Tesla's little secret.
If it had not been for this gentleman we would not have A.C. system we enjoy in our homes.
After you have watched the clip find out more about Tesla and wonder what is going on.
Like me you may decide the world is definatly in the wrong hands for a long and stable future.
The responce I have given is because you seem to be talking the talk of the people, please let me know what you think when you have looked into this responce.
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If you would like to stay more up to date on carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels might I suggest the CDIAC website?

After clicking on the Latest Published Global Estimates (1751-2010) we see that current carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels amounts to 9167 million metric tonnes. Multiply that by 3.667 to include the weight of oxygen molecules we get a total of 33615.389 or over 33.6 billion metric tonnes. That number has since increased to over 35 billion tonnes emitted by the burning of fossil fuels on an annual basis. I don't think this number even includes CO2 emitted through cement production or gas flaring either.

We can also look at how much the atmosphere is increase in concentration by. If we look at the NOAA website we see that, at the current rate, CO2 is increasing at a rate of roughly 2ppm per year.

This data comes from the Scripps CO2 program at Moana Loa.

To convert this to billion tonnes we do the following.

2(1 * 2.13 * 3.667) = 15.62142

Human emissions = over 35 billion tonnes. Atmospheric increase = over 15.6 billion tonnes. The excess is being absorbed by carbon sinks. This is why the oceans are decreasing in pH and why the upper oceans are increasing in CO2 content as they try and maintain equilibrium.