Global warming

Global warming

Now that the earth has speeded up by some microseconds due to movement on the...
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Global warming discussion
Now that the earth has speeded up by some microseconds due to movement on the earths crust. I suppose the extra centrifugal force will make sea levels rise a millimeter or two? but wait, rock weighs more than water, so the rock (land) will climb out of the oceans due to the extra centrifugal forces. Thus not making Al Gores inconvenient truth quite so inconvenient perhaps?

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On what scientific fact and measurement do you base this claim that the Earth is/has sped up?

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Hi Dawn. I think 'GFwhell' is referring to the Chilean Earthquake (we are already way ahead of schedule on the [40] number of notable quakes per year). 'They' announced a slight time change because of it.

BTW did you ever watch this 6 part series on YT? It refers to the 2012 interest suddenly becoming tuned to everything happening on Earth, and every new incident broadcast in the Media? Maybe your book could have 2012 'implications' written in? It would be a 'Best Seller'. Of course only if it is a shiny, embossed cover, 'Bodice Ripper' at the same time :>)
(hope this is the right one)

This one has some other information, especially in the last part.. I'm so excited :>)

the first link's title is "Dec 21 2012 the End" part 1 of 5 or 6..
The 2nd link's title is "Everything 2012 Earth Changes" (pt 1 of 3)
I'd enjoy reading your book :>)
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Hey Blog
Man, I've been having a hard time accessing this site lately. I've tried everything on my end but I don't think its a problem with my computer because I can access other forums.

I copied the links into a word doc for later perusal and am looking forward to it
The book you refer too in still a nightmare of organization and research but I'm making headway. I am trying to incorporate as much of the global fear into it as possible to get more sales. (yes, I like money. I need to fund that trip to Israel)I shudder at the bodice ripper cover...but if it sells, I'll do it.
Unfortunately I have another almost completed novel to baby through its end stages and send out for consideration. That takes a lot of time and effort and attention from writing the next.

Interesting about the 'time change'. Is it real or just another in the virtually endless stream of fear tactics?
by the way, love the blog.