Allies of World War I
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Hello, im sorry to clot your forums with a one-time question but im not sure where else to go. This has to do with an "unidentified" WorldWar1 brass object.
...A little explanation; my grandmother has decided to clear out a a little of what her father, my great grandfather, had accumulated during WW1. He was a Sergeant and was heavily involved in the battle at Vimy Ridge. He later died in 1978 from emphysema he contracted from the gas attacks.
I was given numerous "Dispositions and Moves" maps from that time(most revolving around Ypres ~1915) as well as an unusual brass cylindrical object which at first glance from afar resebmled a spent shell casing.
The identification of this object may be common knowledge for some but completely out of range of my limited knowledge of WW1 paraphernalia. ...for all i know this may be something common from that era but completely unrelated to the war.
Can anyone help?? Pics of the object can be found here:

Thanks very much!