Global warming

Global warming

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Global warming discussion
Global warming started because of us humans if we were'nt so stupid to ruining are own resources maybe there would not be any freezing winters or boiling summers, so see turn around when your walking and be ashamed because one day you are gonna regret what you and everybody else in our world did, so just lend ahand since we live in this world cause one day it might be gone so help by recycling, not littering using solar power. Turn off fans when you walk out of a room. In the summer and turn the the lights off when your done in a room. See how easy it is to be good to our planet if you care then help because it will make a difference.
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winters are brutally cold...and summers are brutally hot
drought,floods, famines they are all part of life.
You want the world to be a playground well, it isn't
life is HARD and it SUCKS
wake up and grow a spine

so you realize what you are asking for?
reduction of human life.
think about it.

want a gun?ho about a bomb? biological weapons perhaps? or maybe an all out world war would make you happy?

the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM has poisoned your mind. I bet you would have bought pet rocks too.
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I agree