Eccentricity of the circle
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I wanna know the way that defines eccentricity of circle??????
i am finding it quite difficult to find that out..
according to me,,,,,,,,,,,i considered a fan having rotational motion where one of it's arm as radius.
now i assumed a triangle having 0 degree between radius and the center this would make the perpendicular distance to be 0
.......when we would take the tan0 that is (perpendicular height / base) = 0/x {say x is the magnitude of the radius..
according to me it is correct as eccentricity is nothing but a ratio of distances from center to the periphery ...
i also thought the directrix of the circle to be nothing but a tangent to the circle.... that would prove it correct.....
but i know it is like firing bullet in air....i am wanting a proper answer to it, that is, how we can define the eccentricity of the circle?????