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Continue The Latest Trend of 2018 With This Amazing New Virtual Reality App For Music
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The New York Times writer A.O. Scott reviewed Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” and referred to the Virtual Reality (VR) technology as follows: “Mr. Spielberg, a digital enthusiast and an old-school cineaste, goes further than most filmmakers in exploring the aesthetic possibilities of a form that is frequently dismissed and misunderstood.” Now Florida based 360 VR company 1:9 Technology LLC has paired up with Accomplished Blues guitarist Davy Knowles to bring music and VR fans alike a new app. Now you can experience Davy Knowles in concert right at your fingertips on your Apple or Android!

Delving deeper into the VR landscape and bringing it closer to becoming mainstream; Blues Guitarist Davy Knowles – dubbed the “modern-day Blues Man” is proud to present his new fully-interactive 3-D, 360° Virtual Reality concert experience app. The app offers music fans the ability to watch, on demand, the entire Davy Knowles live concert recorded in 360° at the Higher Ground venue in Burlington, VT. Check out a preview on Youtube here: Get a peek of the app at It’s available for download on Google Play for Android at: and in the iTunes app store for IOS at: .