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Global warming

A Letter about Crisis of the Earth between You and Me
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A Letter about Crisis of the Earth between You and Me (Kindness, Goodness, and Benefaction)

Note: If you disagree with any content of this letter, please still treat it kindly.

Nowadays, media as well as educational and academic research organizations consider energy conservation and carbon reduction as solutions to slow down the exhaustion of resources on earth. However, the earth has suffered from too many human activities, both industrial and economic, and it is now difficult to heal, or to avoid further hurting the earth, merely by decreasing and slowing down consuming. The crisis of the earth is directly resulted from our unkind and greedy hearts, which cause the disasters around us.

The environment we live in depends on not only the air, water, buildings and visible spaces, but also how we interact with each other, and how we treat the environment, that is, the invisible forces, such as relationships and intentions. Human minds are gradually distorted, and in the pursuit of societal progress and economical growth, go astray and lose their natural states. We cause many damages to both the visible and invisible living environments. We believe, to improve our living environment, aside from energy conservation and carbon reduction, the most important thing is to elevate and purify the invisible human minds. This is also essential for human survival.

“Kindness, Goodness, and Benefaction” are the most important three components for us to improve our living environments. Kindness means that we fill ourselves up with love, and know how to show this love to others. Treat people around us with kindness. Goodness is to show benevolence and empathy. We should isolate ourselves from bad intentions and self-reflect at times, to make sure we do things out of good intentions. Benefaction is to perform good deeds that we are capable of doing, at any place, any time; for example, we can always help the elders, the weak, women and children cross the road. We can also always encourage our relatives and friends around us- we can try to help others, even if it is just a small matter. To perform a small good deed is like to throw a stone into a pond, the effects expand like the waves. That is to say, the power and influence of a small good deed are infinite. Such a kind-hearted attitude can generate positive strength and good-willed beliefs, and make us live peacefully. Benevolence brings good intentions and fortune for us, and helps us to avoid hurting others from vicious competing cycles. Beneficence brings possible happiness and convenience for our friends, and even the strangers we meet on the streets. We should all keep this kindness, goodness, and benefaction of heart every day, to keep away from evil deeds and disasters, and welcome good fate and good fortune. Also, doing so will remove barriers of people, and attract wealth and honor; unlimited hopes and bright futures come from inside of us.

The world is now a global village- if you are a Catholic or a Christian, may you pray to God, to protect our mother earth; if you are a Muslim, may you pray to Allah; if you are a Buddhist, may you pray to Buddha and Bodhisattva; if you believe in Taoism, may you pray to Gods of Taoism. Please pray to the Gods you believe in, to protect the earth, and to help you become a guardian of the earth.

Please help yourself, your friends and your family; please pay care to our society and to the earth. If you are comfortable with it, please help chant “Avalokiteshvara” for our world, beloved people, and our families. All good wills and good deeds can parinama (迴向) to “May the disasters of the world be eliminated. May all living creatures own happiness and peace.” We hope to collect the extended power of good will. Please pray for the disasters of the world to be eliminated by kindness, goodness, and benefaction of heart, so that our people can be happy and safe. The benefits to pray cannot be expressed in such limited words. No matter a public servant, an administration staff in the government, a waitress in a restaurant, a teacher, a lawyer, a senator, a doctor, a charity organization member, a volunteer, a housewife, an officer, or even still a student, we can all perform good deeds to influence the world.

Please help to forward this e-mail. Please perform good deeds to eliminate disasters of the world so that all the living creatures can go on living. All small good deeds in our daily life can parinama. Also, we can chant “Avalokiteshvara” a thousand times a day for parinama to occur. Good deeds come from within us, in our hearts. After all, we all live on the same earth; we should not let our friends, family, and our children face possible disasters. So start from now, save everyone- including ourselves.

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I absolutely agree.

God bless us!
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Our existence as special creations of God ALYm will depend on how we believe in his truth and grace.God wants every human race to acknowledge HIM through his son Yeshwah Mehushkay (jesus christ).i agree to pray for our planet but first everything must be agreed in the spirit of truthfulness and good chanting this words(by faith) positive energies will be generated for our well being= somampalataye ok de makedepat a yeshwah okol de kapionan ko nunuh ta magpakapedeman.e pag eral neketam mageng ni dayegdeg a oyo ey de tabiang ni makedepat a te katenggesan ta tangan de pesan. eye a makedepat( i believe in the lord jesus, a right track for my well being at present and in eternity,we and our world will prevail by the help GOD who knows and controls everything.amen)
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Nice sentiments but you are way out of touch with how things really work. Yes, God is all about love and Light and it would be great if we could all just get along but I would like to propose that the first thing we try to do is practice LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Collectivism doesn't work. Get your global village notions out of my sovereign nation and keep your clammy paws off American money and freedom.

The one thing guaranteed to save this planet from what ever ails it...pollution...rainforest depletion...starvation...what ever other evil you can think of is FREEDOM and WEALTH.

When everyone is free...come back and try again. Until then I suggest you practice voting like you mean it and knowing what you are talking about.