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  Subject Replies Date
Design competition for the US capitol 1 9/25/2016
History of the US Capitol 1 9/23/2016
How did greek architecture influence our Nation's Capitol? 2 10/8/2014
Has the capital building served as a church? 0 9/8/2014
Expansion of the capitol dome in the 1850s 0 6/15/2014
Why is Washington D.C. known as the District of Columbia and why is not considered a state. What relevance does Columbia have to our nation that we wo... 0 7/18/2013
Why are there 36 steps to the Capitol? (facing west?) 0 3/21/2013
How did the US Capitol Building get its name? 1 11/11/2012
What portraits hang in the House of Representatives chamber? 2 2/4/2011
What role does the Capitol play in US art? 2 2/3/2011
The Burning of Washington 1 1/2/2011