You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)

You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)

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"You Made Me Love You" is a popular
Popular music
Popular music belongs to any of a number of musical genres "having wide appeal" and is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. It stands in contrast to both art music and traditional music, which are typically disseminated academically or orally to smaller, local...

In music, a song is a composition for voice or voices, performed by singing.A song may be accompanied by musical instruments, or it may be unaccompanied, as in the case of a cappella songs...


The music was written by James V. Monaco, the lyrics by Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy (lyricist)
Joseph McCarthy was an American lyricist whose most famous songs include You Made Me Love You, and I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, based upon the haunting melody from the middle section of Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu".McCarthy, who was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, was a frequent collaborator...

. The song was published in 1913
1913 in music
-Events:*April 1 - Manuel de Falla's opera La vida breve is given its world première in Nice.*May 29 - There is a near-riot at the première of the Igor Stravinsky-scored ballet The Rite of Spring in Paris.*October - Edison Diamond Disc Record introduced...

. It was introduced in the Broadway revue The Honeymoon Express.

One of the earliest recordings of the song was by Al Jolson
Al Jolson
Al Jolson was an American singer, comedian and actor. In his heyday, he was dubbed "The World's Greatest Entertainer"....

. Jolson recorded the song on June 4, 1913. It was released on Columbia A-1374. He performed it on the soundtrack of the 1946 film The Jolson Story
The Jolson Story
The Jolson Story is a 1946 musical biography which purports to tell the life story of singer Al Jolson. It stars Larry Parks as Jolson, Evelyn Keyes as "Julie Benson" , William Demarest as his manager, Ludwig Donath and Tamara Shayne as his parents, and Scotty Beckett as the young Jolson.The...

and recorded it on March 20, 1946. The record was released on Decca 23613.
  • Roger Edens
    Roger Edens
    Roger Edens was a Hollywood composer, arranger and associate producer, and is considered one of the major creative figures in Arthur Freed's musical film production unit at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer during the "golden era of Hollywood".-Early career and work with Judy Garland:Edens was born in...

     wrote additional lyrics to the song for Judy Garland
    Judy Garland
    Judy Garland was an American actress and singer. Through a career that spanned 45 of her 47 years and for her renowned contralto voice, she attained international stardom as an actress in musical and dramatic roles, as a recording artist and on the concert stage...

    . The new lyrics cast Garland in the role of a teenage fan of Clark Gable
    Clark Gable
    William Clark Gable , known as Clark Gable, was an American film actor most famous for his role as Rhett Butler in the 1939 Civil War epic film Gone with the Wind, in which he starred with Vivien Leigh...

    . Garland sang the song to Gable at a birthday party thrown for him by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of films and television programs. MGM was founded in 1924 when the entertainment entrepreneur Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures Corporation and Louis B. Mayer...

    . MGM executives were so charmed by her rendition that she and the song were added to the film Broadway Melody of 1938
    Broadway Melody of 1938
    Broadway Melody of 1938 is a 1937 musical film, produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and directed by Roy Del Ruth. The film is essentially a backstage musical revue, featuring high-budget sets and cinematography in the MGM musical tradition...

    . Garland recorded the "Gable" version on September 24, 1937. It was released on Decca 1463. MGM released the song as a b-side
    A-side and B-side
    A-side and B-side originally referred to the two sides of gramophone records on which singles were released beginning in the 1950s. The terms have come to refer to the types of song conventionally placed on each side of the record, with the A-side being the featured song , while the B-side, or...

     in 1939, opposite Garland's recording of "Over the Rainbow
    Over the Rainbow
    "Over the Rainbow" is a classic Academy Award-winning ballad song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the movie The Wizard of Oz, and was sung by Judy Garland in the movie...

    " for The Wizard of Oz
    The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)
    The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 American musical fantasy film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was directed primarily by Victor Fleming. Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf received credit for the screenplay, but there were uncredited contributions by others. The lyrics for the songs...



  • Chelsea Krombach
    Chelsea Krombach
    -Biography:Krombach recorded two solo albums, Look for the Silver Lining and Profile Both of her albums are all-jazz and recorded live in one take with all real instruments...

     performed the song for her debut album Look for the Silver Lining.

  • Aretha Franklin
    Aretha Franklin
    Aretha Louise Franklin is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Although known for her soul recordings and referred to as The Queen of Soul, Franklin is also adept at jazz, blues, R&B, gospel music, and rock. Rolling Stone magazine ranked her atop its list of The Greatest Singers of All...

     recorded the song for her album "The Electrifying Aretha Franklin
    The Electrifying Aretha Franklin
    The Electrifying Aretha Franklin is the second studio album by Aretha Franklin for Columbia Records in 1962. The album which also known under its working title The Incomparable Aretha Franklin, was recorded at Columbia Recording Studios 799, Seventh Avenue, New York...

    " (1962).

  • The melody was featured prominently in the score for the 1943 Edward Dmytryk
    Edward Dmytryk
    Edward Dmytryk was an American film director who was amongst the Hollywood Ten, a group of blacklisted film industry professionals who served time in prison for being in contempt of Congress during the McCarthy-era 'red scare'.-Early life:Dmytryk was born in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada,...

     movie "Tender Comrade" starring Ginger Rogers
    Ginger Rogers
    Ginger Rogers was an American actress, dancer, and singer who appeared in film, and on stage, radio, and television throughout much of the 20th century....

     and Robert Ryan
    Robert Ryan
    Robert Bushnell Ryan was an American actor who often played hardened cops and ruthless villains.-Early life and career:...


  • Doris Day
    Doris Day
    Doris Day is an American actress, singer and, since her retirement from show business, an animal rights activist. With an entertainment career that spanned through almost 50 years, Day started her career as a big band singer in 1939, but only began to be noticed after her first hit recording,...

     performed the song in the 1955 Ruth Etting biopic Love Me or Leave Me
    Love Me or Leave Me (film)
    Love Me or Leave Me is a 1955 biographical film which tells the life story of Ruth Etting, a singer who rose from dancer to movie star. It stars Doris Day as Etting, James Cagney as gangster Martin "Moe the Gimp" Snyder, her first husband and manager, and Cameron Mitchell as pianist/ arranger Myrl...


  • Screamin Jay Hawkins recorded the song for a single in 1957 "You Made Me Love You" / "Darling, Please Forgive Me" [OKeh 7084].

  • Country Music singer Patsy Cline
    Patsy Cline
    Patsy Cline , born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Gore, Virginia, was an American country music singer who enjoyed pop music crossover success during the era of the Nashville sound in the early 1960s...

     recorded the song and it was featured on her 1962 album Sentimentally Yours
    Sentimentally Yours
    Sentimentally Yours is the third studio album by American country music singer, Patsy Cline, released August 7, 1962. The album was the final studio album Cline would record before her death in a plane crash less than a year later.-Background:...


  • George Burns
    George Burns
    George Burns , born Nathan Birnbaum, was an American comedian, actor, and writer.He was one of the few entertainers whose career successfully spanned vaudeville, film, radio, television and movies, with and without his wife, Gracie Allen. His arched eyebrow and cigar smoke punctuation became...

     and some of the Muppets
    The Muppets
    The Muppets are a group of puppet characters created by Jim Henson starting in 1954–55. Although the term is often used to refer to any puppet that resembles the distinctive style of The Muppet Show, the term is both an informal name and legal trademark owned by the Walt Disney Company in reference...

     performed a humorous version of this song where Gonzo
    Gonzo the Great
    Gonzo the Great is a puppet character, one of Jim Henson's Muppets. He was developed and performed by Dave Goelz. The character made his first appearance in a 1970 Christmas special entitled "The Great Santa Claus Switch". Known as a "Whatever" , he is considered one of The Frackles...

     especially gets a kick out of the line "didn't want to do it".

  • This song is featured in the Hoveround
    Hoveround is an American corporation which manufactures and distributes the Hoveround brand of power wheelchairs and sells a line of scooters. The company, founded in 1992 by Tom Kruse, is based in Sarasota, Florida...

     commercial being sung by elders.

  • Harry James
    Harry James
    Henry Haag “Harry” James was a trumpeter who led a jazz swing band during the Big Band Era of the 1930s and 1940s. He was especially known among musicians for his astonishing technical proficiency as well as his superior tone.-Biography:He was born in Albany, Georgia, the son of a bandleader of a...

     performed a well-known version of the song as a trumpet solo, issued in 1941 as the reverse side of 'A Sinner Kissed An Angel'. One of the major hits of 1941, it is widely reported as a million-seller.

  • British comedian Bernard Manning
    Bernard Manning
    Bernard John Manning was an English comedian and nightclub owner. He was born and raised in Manchester in northwest England....

     performed the song on side one of his 1975 album 'My Kind of Music'.

  • Olivia Newton-John
    Olivia Newton-John
    Olivia Newton-John AO, OBE is a singer and actress. She is a four-time Grammy award winner who has amassed five No. 1 and ten other Top Ten Billboard Hot 100 singles and two No. 1 Billboard 200 solo albums. Eleven of her singles and 14 of her albums have been certified gold by the RIAA...

     sings the song in the film Xanadu
    Xanadu (film)
    Xanadu is a 1980 romantic musical fantasy film written by Marc Reid Rubel and directed by Robert Greenwald. The title is a reference to the poem "Kubla Khan, or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which is quoted in the film. Xanadu is the name of the Chinese province...

    , as a vocal on a record presented as a Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller
    Alton Glenn Miller was an American jazz musician , arranger, composer, and bandleader in the swing era. He was one of the best-selling recording artists from 1939 to 1943, leading one of the best known "Big Bands"...

     band performance. The song is largely background to Danny and Sonny talking, and does not appear on the film's soundtrack album, but it does appear as the b-side of her single "Suddenly"

  • This song was covered by Nate Fishback and the Easy Street Band in Walt Disney World on their 25th anniversary tour.

  • An outtake of the The Beatles Anthology
    The Beatles Anthology
    The Beatles Anthology is the name of a documentary series, a set of three double albums and a book focusing on the history of The Beatles. Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr all participated in the making and approval of the works, which are sometimes referred to collectively as the...

     showed that it was originally to be included in their movie "Magical Mystery Tour
    Magical Mystery Tour (film)
    Magical Mystery Tour is an hour-long British television film starring The Beatles that originally aired on BBC1 on 26 December 1967...


  • This song was used in the commercials for Dylan Montgomery's "1998 burnin' Swedish Fish
    Swedish Fish
    Swedish Fish is a type of chewy fish-shaped candy. It has been developed with special flavors specifically for the North American market by the Swedish candy producer Malaco, which exports products to North America.-History:...

     power tour" in Eastern Europe and also played several times by him and other artists.

  • Bette Midler
    Bette Midler
    Bette Midler is an American singer, actress, and comedian, also known by her informal stage name, The Divine Miss M. She became famous as a cabaret and concert headliner, and went on to star in successful and acclaimed films such as The Rose, Ruthless People, Beaches, and For The Boys...

    , Marc Shaiman
    Marc Shaiman
    Marc Shaiman is an American composer, lyricist, arranger, and performer for films, television, and theatre. He is perhaps best known for writing the music and co-writing the lyrics for the Broadway musical version of the cult John Waters film Hairspray, for which Shaiman won Tony and Grammy...

    , and Bruce Vilanch
    Bruce Vilanch
    Bruce Vilanch is an American comedy writer, songwriter and actor. He is a six-time Emmy Award-winner Vilanch is best known to the public for his four-year stint on Hollywood Squares, as a celebrity participant; in the entertainment industry he is best known as head writer for the show...

     wrote new lyrics to Judy Garland's version of the song for Midler's appearance on the penultimate episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is a talk show hosted by Johnny Carson under the Tonight Show franchise from 1962 to 1992. It originally aired during late-night....

    on May 21, 1992. Midler performed the song as "You Made Me Watch You," a tribute to Carson's 30 years as host.

  • Billy Crystal sings an altered version of this song on the first episode of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster is a Muppet on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases: "Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!", and "Om nom nom nom" . He often eats anything and everything, including danishes, donuts, lettuce, apples,...

     performed a slightly re-written version of the song in a Sesame Street
    Sesame Street
    Sesame Street has undergone significant changes in its history. According to writer Michael Davis, by the mid-1970s the show had become "an American institution". The cast and crew expanded during this time, including the hiring of women in the crew and additional minorities in the cast. The...

    insert, writing a love letter to his favorite cookie.

  • This song is also mentioned in the book "The five people you meet in heaven
    The Five People You Meet in Heaven
    The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a novel by Mitch Albom. It recounts the life and death of an old maintenance man named Eddie. After dying in an accident, Eddie finds himself in heaven where he encounters five people who have significantly affected his life, whether he realized at the time or...

    " by Mitch Albom
    Mitch Albom
    Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom is an American best-selling author, journalist, screenwriter, dramatist, radio and television broadcaster and musician. His books have sold over 30 million copies worldwide...

  • This song is being played by a band during a dance scene in Disney's 2005 film "The Greatest Game Ever Played
    The Greatest Game Ever Played
    The Greatest Game Ever Played is a 2005 biographical sports film based on the early life of golf champion Francis Ouimet. The film was directed by Bill Paxton; Shia LaBeouf plays the role of Ouimet. It is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures...


  • Kim Poirier
    Kim Poirier
    Kim Poirier is a Canadian actress, singer, film producer, and television host.-Personal life:Kim Jacinthe Poirier was born in Drummondville, Quebec, the daughter of actress/model Carol Laquerre who was Miss Toronto in 1976, she has one sister. She enjoys watching movies, writing, meditating,...

     sings the song in the movie Foodland
    Foodland (film)
    -Synopsis:The story follows Trevor, a naive grocery clerk, as his life spirals out of control when he inadvertently helps Ian, his inept manager, rob the store. When the money is lifted, they enlist the help of Glen Munn, a slimy, incompetent detective, to retrieve the stolen cash...

     as her character Lucy Eklund.

  • Rufus Wainwright
    Rufus Wainwright
    Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright is an American-Canadian singer-songwriter. He has recorded six albums of original music, EPs, and tracks on compilations and film soundtracks.-Early years:...

     sings the song on his 2007 album, Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall
    Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall
    Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall is the sixth album by the Canadian-American singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright, released through Geffen Records in December 2007. The album consists of live recordings from his sold-out June 14–15, 2006 tribute concerts at Carnegie Hall to the legendary American...


  • Harry Nilsson
    Harry Nilsson
    Harry Edward Nilsson III was an American singer-songwriter who achieved the peak of his commercial success in the early 1970s. On all but his earliest recordings he is credited as Nilsson...

     sings the song on his album A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night
    A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night
    A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night is an album of classic 20th-century standards sung by Harry Nilsson. The album was arranged by Sinatra arranger Gordon Jenkins, and produced by Derek Taylor....


  • Barry Manilow
    Barry Manilow
    Barry Manilow is an American singer-songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, conductor, and performer, best known for such recordings as "Could It Be Magic", "Mandy", "Can't Smile Without You", and "Copacabana ."...

     covered the song on his 2010 collection, The Greatest Love Songs of All Time.

  • Sherie Rene Scott
    Sherie Rene Scott
    Sherie Rene Scott is an American actress, singer and writer. She is a co-founder of Grammy winning Sh-K-Boom Records and Ghostlight Records and has appeared in numerous Off-Broadway and Broadway musicals and plays appears on numerous solo and original cast recordings.-Life and career:Scott was...

     sings this in her one woman show Everyday Rapture
    Everyday Rapture
    Everyday Rapture is a musical with a book written by Sherie Rene Scott and Dick Scanlan and music by various composers. It ran Off-Broadway in 2009 and opened on Broadway in 2010...


  • This song is sung by Jack Halford and Gerry Standing in New Tricks
    New Tricks
    New Tricks is a BBC television drama series which follows the work of the Metropolitan Police Service's Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad . Led by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, it is made up of retired police officers who have been recruited to reinvestigate unsolved crimes...