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West Terrace, Adelaide

West Terrace, Adelaide

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West Terrace is a street in Adelaide
Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia. Adelaide has an estimated population of more than 1.2 million...

, South Australia
South Australia
South Australia is a state of Australia in the southern central part of the country. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent; with a total land area of , it is the fourth largest of Australia's six states and two territories.South Australia shares borders with all of the mainland...

. It is the western-most street of the Adelaide city centre
Adelaide city centre
The Adelaide city centre is the innermost locality of Greater Adelaide, known by locals simply as "The City" or "Town". The locality is split into two key geographical distinctions: the city "square mile", bordered by North, East, South and West Terraces; and that part of the Adelaide Parklands...

. It ends at North Terrace
North Terrace, Adelaide
North Terrace is one of the four terraces that bound the central business and residential district of the city of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. It runs east-west, along the northern edge of the CBD.-North Side of North Terrace:...

 and South Terrace
South Terrace, Adelaide
South Terrace is a street on the south side of the city centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It runs from Anzac Highway and connects to Glen Osmond Road. King William Street ends at South Terrace. It is the southern edge of the city centre, and is bounded by parklands to the south,...

, and connects to Port Road
Port Road, Adelaide
Port Road is a major road in Adelaide, South Australia connecting the central business district with Port Adelaide. It is 12 km long and exceptionally wide, approximately 70 m. When first conceived upon the establishment of Adelaide, it was designed to be able to accommodate a standard road, a...

 and Anzac Highway.

The southern end of West Terrace, where it connects to Goodwood Road
Goodwood Road, Adelaide
Goodwood Road is a major north-south arterial road, approximately 10 kilometres long, in Adelaide, South Australia. It runs between the Adelaide city centre and the suburbs of Pasadena and Panorama, and has a speed limit of ....

 and Anzac Highway, is home to a Rydges Hotel
Rydges Hotels & Resorts
Rydges Hotels & Resorts is the hospitality division of one of Australia's entertainment, hospitality and leisure organisations - Amalgamated Holdings Limited ....

 and the West Terrace Cemetery
West Terrace Cemetery
The West Terrace Cemetery is South Australia’s oldest cemetery, first appearing on Colonel William Light’s 1837 plan of Adelaide. The 27.6 hectare site is located in the south-west corner of the Adelaide central business district, between West Terrace, Anzac Highway, Sir Donald Bradman Drive and...

. The northern reaches are occupied by several car dealerships, and hq, Adelaide's largest nightclub. The remainder of West Terrace is occupied by fast food outlets and smaller shops.

West Terrace is also the location of Adelaide High School, South Australia's oldest government high school.

Traffic on West Terrace can be very heavy, as it is a major route in and out of the city, and some areas are designated traffic black spots
Black Spot Program
The Black Spot Program is a project of the Australian Government to eliminate safety problems on the roads. It was created in the early 1980s, abolished, then reestablished after a change of government in 1996....