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Wenchuan County ({{zh|s=汶川县|p=Wènchuān Xiàn}}, [[Standard Tibetan|Tibetan]]: Lung dGu rDZong) is a [[County (People's Republic of China)|county]] in [[Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture]], [[Sichuan]], People's Republic of China. This county has an area of {{convert|4084 |km2} and a population of 106,119 as of 2005. [[Wolong National Nature Reserve]] is a protected area located in Wenchuan County, which houses more than 150 highly endangered giant pandas. The area was the site of the epicentre and one of the most severely hit areas of the [[2008 Sichuan earthquake|2008 Sichuan Earthquake]] (or Wenchuan Earthquake).

Wenchuan earthquake

{{Further|[[2008 Sichuan earthquake]]}} On May 12, 2008, the area was the site of the [[epicentre]] and one of the most severely hit areas of the great Sichuan, or Wenchuan, earthquake (汶川地震). In Chinese, the earthquake is named after the county, making its name resonate across the nation. In the county, 15,941 people were dead, 34,583 injured, and 7,474 still missing as of June 6, 2008. Wenchuan was at the center of one of two areas where [[Seismic scale#Intensity scales|seismic intensity]] were the highest at XI [[China Seismic Intensity Scale|liedu]] during this earthquake. Since the earthquake, the central government has increased fortification intensity for seismic design for this area from VII to VIII.


Wenchuan County has six [[town (China)|towns]] and seven [[Township (People's Republic of China)|townships]]: *Towns: **[[Weizhou, Wenchuan County|Weizhou]] (威州镇) **[[Xuankou]] (漩口镇) **[[Shuimo]] (水磨镇) **[[Yingxiu]] (映秀镇) **[[Miansi]] (绵虒镇) **Wolong (卧龙镇) *Townships: **[[Keku]] (克枯乡) **Longxi (龙溪乡) **[[Yanmen]] (雁门乡) **[[Caopo]] (草坡乡) **Yinxing (银杏乡) **Sanjiang (三江乡) **[[Gengda]] (耿达乡)

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*[http://www.wenchuan.gov.cn Official website of Wenchuan County Government] {{County-level divisions of Sichuan}}