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Wave power ship

Wave power ship

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A wave power ship is a ship, propelled by fins harnessing the energy of the waves.

Constructed boats

As yet, there is only one boat that is propelled by wave harnessing fins:
  • Suntory Mermaid 2
Mermaid 2 uses a passive fin mechanism mounted at the bow. A combination of fins and springs capture wave energy, then release it as a propelling drive forwards.

Ship concepts

A conceptual design for a large car ferry has been projected. This is planned to use wave energy as a minor component of its energy supply, the major source of which is hydrogen fuel
Hydrogen fuel
An ecologically-friendly fuel which uses electrochemical cells or combusts in internal engines to power vehicles and electric devices. It is also used in the propulsion of spacecraft and can potentially be mass produced and commercialized for passenger vehicles and aircraft.In a flame of pure...

  • E/S Orcelle

Ship concepts having wave harnessing fins:
  • Stephen Salter
    Stephen Salter
    Stephen Hugh Salter is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Edinburgh and inventor of the eponymous Salter duck wave energy device...

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