Wang Chau (Yuen Long)

Wang Chau (Yuen Long)

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Wang Chau is an area of Yuen Long District
Yuen Long District
Yuen Long District , is one of the districts of Hong Kong located in the northwest of the New Territories. It had a population of 449,070 in 2001. The district has the youngest population of Hong Kong and the lowest income in the New Territories.-Geography:...

, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China , the other being Macau. A city-state situated on China's south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour...

, located west of the Shan Pui River
Shan Pui River
Shan Pui River is a river in Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. It has many tributaries, most of them starting from inside Tai Lam Country Park. It passes six villages and is joined by a few more streams. After flowing through Yuen Long Town, it continues northeast into Yuen Long Industrial...


Long Ping Estate is a mixed public
Public housing in Hong Kong
Public housing in Hong Kong is a set of mass housing programmes through which the Government of Hong Kong provides affordable housing for lower-income residents. It is a major component of housing in Hong Kong, with nearly half of the population now residing in some form of public housing...

Tenants Purchase Scheme
Tenants Purchase Scheme is a scheme which allows tenants in public housing estates under Hong Kong Housing Authority to purchase their flats...

 estate in Wang Chau.


Several monuments are located in Wang Chau, including:
  • I Shing Temple (二聖宮), in Tung Tau Wai (東頭圍). Built in 1718, it is dedicated to Hung Shing
    Hung Shing
    Hung Shing , also known as Hung Shing Ye and Tai Wong , was a government official in the Tang Dynasty named Hung Hei serving Pun Yue in present-day Guangdong, China....

     and Che Kung
    Che Kung
    Che Kung was originally a military commander of Southern Song Dynasty , who legendarily had supreme power to suppress rebellion and was renowned for his loyalty to the Emperor. He was also famous for his power to suppress plagues and his skill in medicine...

    . It was declared a monument
    Declared monuments of Hong Kong
    Declared monuments of Hong Kong are places, structures or buildings legally declared to be "protected". In Hong Kong, declaring a monument requires consulting the Antiquities Advisory Board, the approval of the Chief Executive as well as the publication of the notice in government gazette.As of 12...

     in June 1996.
  • Yu Yuen, in Tung Tau Wai, was built in 1934 as a summer villa. It is listed as a Grade I Historic Building.
  • Tin Hau Temple
    Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong
    Over 70 temples are dedicated to Tin Hau in Hong Kong. They include:* Tin Hau temple, located at 10 Tin Hau Temple Road, Causeway Bay, east of Victoria Park, in Eastern District, on Hong Kong Island. It is a declared monument. The temple has given its name to the MTR station serving it .* The Tin...

     in Ng Uk Village (吳屋村). It was rebuilt in 1981.


Wang Chau is located between the Tin Shui Wai and Long Ping stations of the MTR
Mass Transit Railway is the rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong. Originally opened in 1979, the system now includes 211.6 km of rail with 155 stations, including 86 railway stations and 69 light rail stops...