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WOND is an American news-talk radio station
Radio station
Radio broadcasting is a one-way wireless transmission over radio waves intended to reach a wide audience. Stations can be linked in radio networks to broadcast a common radio format, either in broadcast syndication or simulcast or both...

 from Pleasantville, New Jersey
Pleasantville, New Jersey
-Local government:Pleasantville operates under the City form of New Jersey municipal government, led by a Mayor and a seven-member City Council. The City Council consists of two members elected from wards to three-year terms, and five members elected at-large to four-year terms in office, all of...

, broadcasting to the Atlantic City, New Jersey
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Atlantic City is a city in Atlantic County, New Jersey, United States, and a nationally renowned resort city for gambling, shopping and fine dining. The city also served as the inspiration for the American version of the board game Monopoly. Atlantic City is located on Absecon Island on the coast...

, radio market. In the 1960s it was a Top 40 radio station, and its morning show was hosted by Bob Weems, one of the area's most well-remembered DJs. The station is home to the long-running Pinky's Corner, hosted by Pinky Kravitz. The show has called WOND home for 53 years.

WOND is the leading news-talk station in southern New Jersey. It is one of the Atlantic City market's legacy radio stations, first going on the air in July 1950. Weekday programming on WOND includes The Jim Bohannon Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory
George Noory
George Ralph Noory is a Lebanese-American radio talk show host.As of 2010, he is the weekday host of the late-night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM. He is heard across the United States and Canada on many AM and FM stations as well as on XM Satellite Radio. His show is one of the most listened...

, America in the Morning, The Don Williams Show, Barbara Altman's Front Porch, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Liberty and Prosperity hosted by Seth Grossman, Mat's World hosted Mat Toenessen, Pinky's Corner with Pinky Kravitz, The Mark Levin Show, and The Michael Savage Show. The station features locally produced news, weather and traffic. Weekend programming includes a mix of local programming like Table for One with Ed Hitzel, Jim MacMillan's Weekend Journal, the Marc Berman Show, your Neighborhood Garage and Fire and Ice. Syndicated programming includes Handel on the Law, In The Garden with Ron Wilson and The Kim Komando Show
The Kim Komando Show
The Kim Komando Show is a commercial talk radio program focusing on personal computers, the use of the Internet, and the complexities of consumer electronics....


Jessica Savitch
Jessica Savitch
Jessica Beth Savitch was an American television broadcaster and news reporter, host of PBS' Frontline and New York weekend anchor of NBC Nightly News during the short-lived Roger Mudd/Tom Brokaw era....

 began her career as a teen DJ on a show called Teen Talk in 1962. She used "Wild Weekend" as a theme song. She called herself "Wonda" for a short time. The station also launched the career of Tom Lamaine, long-time radio personality at WIP in Philadelphia and then at KYW-TV.

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