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Trivandrum Central

Trivandrum Central

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'''Trivandrum Central''' ({{lang-ml|തിരുവനന്തപുരം സെന്‍ട്രല്‍}}) is the main railway station in the city of [[Thiruvananthapuram]] (Trivandrum) in the [[India]]n state of [[Kerala]]. It is the largest and busiest railway station in [[Kerala]] in terms of passenger movement and the second most important rail hub in [[South India]]. It is also the most profitable station under [[Southern Railway Zone (India)|Southern Railway Division]]. The building of the railway station is one of the landmarks in Trivandrum. Trivandrum Central is also a terminating point for the proposed [[Chennai]]-[[Bangalore]]-[[Chennai]]-[[Trivandrum]] High Speed Rail (HSR) corridor by the Indian Railways.
Trains from here connect the city of [[Thiruvananthapuram]] to major cities of India including [[New Delhi]], [[Chennai]], [[Indore]], [[Bhopal]], [[Hyderabad, India|Hyderabad]], [[Mumbai]], [[Bengaluru]], [[Vizag]], [[Jammu]], [[Howrah]], [[Guwahati]], [[Madgaon]], [[Hubli]], [[Ahmedabad]], [[Gwalior]], [[Nagpur]], [[Pune]], [[Jaipur]], [[Kota, Rajasthan]] [[Bhubaneshwar]], [[Gorakhpur]], [[Ernakulam]], [[Calicut]], [[Vijayawada]], [[Bhubaneshwar]], [[Coimbatore]], [[Mangalore]] etc. This station is also noted for a whole range of amenities available within the premises. The station has book-shops, restaurants, accommodation, Internet browsing centers and even an essential commodities shopping mall. A second satellite station was opened in 2005 at Kochuveli called the [[Kochuveli Railway Station]], near the International Airport. [[Thiruvananthapuram]] is the first major city from south along the longest train routes in India, the [[Kanyakumari]]-[[Trivandrum]]-[[Dibrugarh]] Vivek route and the [[Kanyakumari (town)|Kanyakumari]]-[[Trivandrum]]-[[Jammu Tawi]] Himsagar route. The Trivandrum Central station building was built during the reign of [[Sethu Lakshmi Bayi]], the Maharani of [[Travancore]], and inaugurated on 4 November 1931. This is the oldest Railway station building, still functioning in India. No bricks were used for the construction of this station building; it was built completely with rock masonry. A second terminal (south Terminal) was opened in 2004 to handle passenger traffic and later a West Terminal in 2007. This station is completely Wi-Fi enabled.{{Citation needed|date=March 2007}}To reduce traffic, the Central Railway Station has 18 railway tracks. == Layout == [[Image:Traincc tvm1.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Train care centre]] The foresightedness of Maharani is well visible in the layout of Trivandrum Central station. [[Trivandrum]] was a branch line station but the Maharani built it at par with the counterparts in the major cities of India. Though the station was built to handle just two departures per day in 1931, it now handles more than 40. The number of people visiting the station has exponentially increased during the last sixty years. But the station handles the traffic and passengers with ease, without much of a change to the major structure. The station had just one platform in the beginning. This station now has 5 platforms to handle long distance trains and short distance trains. There is a second terminal on the other side of the main entrance. The train care centre functions adjacent to this second terminal. Plans are on to shift the coahing terminal here to [[Nemom]] to increase the number of platforms to 12.(10 for all the trains entering and exiting and 2 exclusivley for trains from south of the station) [[Thiruvananthapuram Pettah]], [[Nemom Railway Station]] and Kochuveli railway station act as satellite stations to Trivandrum Central. ==Trivandrum Central at a glance== Express Trains from Trivandrum Central Some of the major trains originating from the station. [[File:Thiruvananthapuram Central Interior.jpg|thumb|right|Interior of the station]] {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:#fff;" |- ! style="background:gold;"| No. !! style="background:gold;"| Train No: !! style="background:gold;"| Origin !! style="background:gold;"| Destination !! style="background:gold;"| Train Name |- |1. |16724 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Chennai Egmore]] |[[Ananthapuri Express]] |- |2. |12623 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Chennai Central]] |[[Trivandrum Mail|Chennai Mail]] |- |3. |12696 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Chennai Central]] |Chennai Superfast Express |- |4. |16341 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Guruvayur]] |Intercity Express |- |5. |12698 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Chennai Central]] |Chennai Superfast Express |- |6. |16332 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus|Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus]] |Mumbai Express |- |7. |12625 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[New Delhi]] |[[Kerala Express]] |- |8. |12431 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station|Hazrat Nizamuddin]] |[[Rajdhani Express - Thiruvananthapuram|Thiruvananthapuram-Rajdhani Express]] |- |9. |12076 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Kozhikode]] |[[Jan Shatabdi Express]] |- |10. |12512 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Gorakhpur|Gorakhpur Junction]] via [[Chennai Central]] |[[Raptisagar Express]] |- |11. |12515 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Guwahati]] via [[Chennai Central]] |Guwahati Express |- |12. |12643 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Hazrat Nizamuddin]] |Swarnajayanthi Express |- |13. |16302 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Shornur Junction]] |[[Venad Express]] |- |14. |16304 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Ernakulam Junction]] |Vanchinad Express |- |15. |16322 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Bangalore City Junction]] |Bangalore Express |- |16. |16323 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Shalimar]] |Shalimar Express |- |17. |16326 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Indore Junction]] via [[Chennai Central]] |[[Ahilyanagari Express]] |- |18. |16328 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Korba]] |Korba Express |- |19. |16334 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Veraval]] |Veraval Express |- |20. |16343 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Palakkad]] Town |[[Amritha Express]] |- |21. |16346 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Lokmanya Tilak Terminus]] |[[Netravati Express]] |- |22. |16347 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Mangalore]] |Mangalore Express |- |23. |16649 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Mangalore]] |[[Parasuram Express]] |- |24. |16603 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Mangalore]] |Maveli Express |- |25. |16630 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Mangalore]] |[[Malabar Express]] |- |26. |17230 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Hyderabad Deccan]] |[[Sabari Express]] |- |27. |12082 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |[[Kozhikode]] |[[Jan Shatabdi Express]] |- |28. |22208 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |Chennai Central |[[Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram AC Duronto]] |- |29. |16349 |Thiruvananthapuram Central |Nilambur Road |[[Rajya Rani Express]] |} Express Trains Passing through Trivandrum Central {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:#fff;" |- ! style="background:gold;"| No. !! style="background:gold;"| Train No: !! style="background:gold;"| Origin !! style="background:gold;"| Destination !! style="background:gold;"| Train Name |- |1. |16606 |[[Nagercoil]] |[[Mangalore]] |Ernad Express |- |2. |12659 |[[Nagercoil]] |Shalimar |Gurudev Express |- |3. |16335 |[[Nagercoil]] |[[Gandhidham]] |Nagercoil Express |- |4. |16381 |[[Kanyakumari]] |[[Mumbai]] |Jayanthi Janatha Express |- |5. |16525 |[[Kanyakumari]] |[[Bangalore]] |[[Island Express (train)|Island Express]] |- |6. |16317 |[[Kanyakumari]] |Jammutawi |[[Himsagar Express]] |- |7. |12997 |[[Tirunelveli]] |Happa |Happa Superfast Express |- |8. |12995 |[[Tirunelveli]] |Bilaspur |Bilaspur Superfast Express |- |9. |15906 |[[Dibrugarh]] |Kanyakumari |Vivek Express (Longest running passenger train in the country) |} Passenger Trains at Trivandrum Central {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:#fff;" |- ! style="background:gold;"| No. !! style="background:gold;"| Origin !! style="background:gold;"| Destination |- |1. |Kollam |Madurai |- |2. |Kottayam |Nagercoil |- |3. |Kochuveli Terminus |Nagercoil |- |4. |Madurai |Kollam |- |5. |Nagercoil |Kottayam |- |6. |Nagercoil |Kochuveli Terminus |- |7. |Thiruvananthapuram Central |Nagercoil |- |8. |Thiruvananthapuram Central |Nagercoil |- |9. |Thiruvananthapuram Central |Nagercoil |} ==Facilities== [[Image:Trains at Thiruvananthapuram Central.jpg|thumb|left|Trains in Thiruvananthapuram Central Station]] The station handles over 200,000 passengers daily. Several facilities such as restaurants, book stalls, rooms for daily rent, rest rooms, etc. are provided to serve this high volume of passengers. An air-conditioned dormitory, improved and extended parking and new pedestrian entry were the new facilities opened. The total available parking area comes around 5,500 m². An additional 400 m² covered area has been added to this. Trivandrum Central is well equipped with modern security gadgets, and is the first station in the state to install video surveillance. The ''Networked electronic surveillance system'' is installed in this Central Station by [[Railway Protection Force]] (RPF) for improving the security and for monitoring the movement of passengers arriving at the station. == Future expansion plans == [[Image:Shunting Yard Thiruvananthapuram Central.jpg|thumb|Shunting Yard of Trivandrum Central]] Decision has been taken by the Indian Railways to convert the Trivandrum Central railway station into world-class standards. The foundation stone for the expansion and modernisation of the station was laid by the Union Minister for Railways, Lalu Prasad in December 2006. Tenders have been invited for carrying out feasibility studies for this proposed project. More than Rs.100 [[crores]] is needed for the first phase of this project. A new complex of the railway station will be built with a built-up area of {{convert|1000000|sqft|m2}}. All modern facilities including an office and commercial complex is planned here. The proposal to set up a suburban terminal at [[Nemom]] or Putharikandam Maidanam is also in the pipeline. It is estimated that only a consortium would be able to take up the expansion project of Trivandrum Central, since the project is a massive one. == See also == {{portal|Railways in India}} * [[Kochuveli Railway station]] * [[Thiruvananthapuram Pettah]] * [[Thiruvananthapuram Railway division]] * [[Southern Railway Zone (India)|Southern Railway Zone]] * [[Railway station layout]] * [[Nemom Railway Station]] == External links == {{Commons category}} {{Thiruvananthapuram}} {{coord missing|Kerala}} {{Use dmy dates|date=January 2011}}