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Translational Genomics Research Institute

Translational Genomics Research Institute

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The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), is a non-profit genomics
Genomics is a discipline in genetics concerning the study of the genomes of organisms. The field includes intensive efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping efforts. The field also includes studies of intragenomic phenomena such as heterosis,...

 research institute established in 2002 by Jeffrey Trent, the founding Scientific Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute
National Human Genome Research Institute
The National Human Genome Research Institute is a division of the National Institutes of Health, located in Bethesda, Maryland.NHGRI began as the National Center for Human Genome Research , which was established in 1989 to carry out the role of the NIH in the International Human Genome Project...

 (NHGRI), in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix is the capital, and largest city, of the U.S. state of Arizona, as well as the sixth most populated city in the United States. Phoenix is home to 1,445,632 people according to the official 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data...

, United States
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...


TGen seeks to employ genetic
Genetics , a discipline of biology, is the science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms....

 discoveries to improve disease outcomes by developing smarter diagnostics and targeted therapeutics
Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy is a type of medication that blocks the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific targeted molecules needed for carcinogenesis and tumor growth, rather than by simply interfering with rapidly dividing cells...


TGen conducts research on a number of human disorders including Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease also known in medical literature as Alzheimer disease is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure for the disease, which worsens as it progresses, and eventually leads to death...

, Autism
Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their...

, Parkinson's, Diabetes and numerous forms of cancer
Cancer , known medically as a malignant neoplasm, is a large group of different diseases, all involving unregulated cell growth. In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade nearby parts of the body. The cancer may also spread to more distant parts of the...

 and a variety of other complex human diseases. This internationally recognized institute has helped to generate a strong foundation for Arizona's growing role in scientific research and cutting edge biotechnology
Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bioproducts. Biotechnology also utilizes these products for manufacturing purpose...


The emerging field of translational genomics research
Translational medicine
Translational medicine is a medical practice based on interventional epidemiology. It is regarded by its proponents as a natural progression from Evidence-Based Medicine. It integrates research from the basic sciences, social sciences and political sciences with the aim of optimising patient care...

 harnesses the power of new discoveries resulting from the Human Genome Project
Human Genome Project
The Human Genome Project is an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional...

 and applying them to the development of improved diagnostics, prognostics
Prognostics is an engineering discipline focused on predicting the time at which a system or a component will no longer perform its intended function . This lack of performance is most often a failure beyond which the system can no longer be used to meet desired performance...

 and therapies for cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes and other complex disease
A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism. It is often construed to be a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors, such as infectious disease, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such as autoimmune...


Affiliated Organizations

TD2 - TGEN Drug Development, LLC - contract research organization focusing on cancer research

TGen in the news

TGen Administration

  • Jeffrey M. Trent, Ph.D., President & Scientific Director
  • Michael Bassoff, President, TGen Foundation
  • Daniel Von Hoff, M.D.
    Daniel Von Hoff, M.D.
    Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P. is a medical oncologist and oncology drug developer who has conducted national clinical trials with more than 200 new antineoplastic and biologic agents....

    , F.A.C.P., Executive Vice President, Physician-in-Chief
  • Tess Burleson, MBA, CPA, Chief Operating Officer and President, TGen Accelerators
  • Liz Montemayor, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Edward B. Suh, Sc. D., Chief Information Officer
  • Galen Perry, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

  • Janine Tilli, Vice President, Human Resources