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Teres I ,(reigned 460-445 BC) was the first king of the Odrysian state of Thrace
Thrace is a historical and geographic area in southeast Europe. As a geographical concept, Thrace designates a region bounded by the Balkan Mountains on the north, Rhodope Mountains and the Aegean Sea on the south, and by the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara on the east...

. Teres, who united the 40 or more Thracian tribes under one banner, was well-known for his military abilities and spent much of his life on the battlefield. He died during a military campaign in 445 BC. Historians argue it was against the Triballi, a Thracian tribe occupying a large amount of land to the north of Thrace. He was succeeded by his second son, Sitalces, who seemed to have taken on his fathers fighting prowess and used all the tribes to wage war with Macedon.

Teres Ridge
Teres Ridge
Teres Ridge is a ridge of elevation 330 m extending 2 km in north-south direction and 1.2 km in east-west direction near Siddons Point on the Hero Bay coast of Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica surmounting Tundzha Glacier to the southwest and Saedinenie...

 on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands
South Shetland Islands
The South Shetland Islands are a group of Antarctic islands, lying about north of the Antarctic Peninsula, with a total area of . By the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, the Islands' sovereignty is neither recognized nor disputed by the signatories and they are free for use by any signatory for...

, Antarctica, is named for Teres.