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Slovak National Gallery

Slovak National Gallery

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[[Image:Slovak National Gallery.JPG|thumbnail|The front of the gallery.]] The '''Slovak National Gallery''' ({{lang-sk|Slovenská národná galéria}}, abbreviated SNG) is a network of galleries in [[Slovakia]]. It has its headquarters in Bratislava. The gallery was established by law on 29 July 1949. In Bratislava, it has its displays situated in [[Esterházy Palace (Bratislava)|Esterházy Palace]] (''Esterházyho palác'') and the Water Barracks (''Vodné kasárne'') which are adjacent to each other. The Esterházy Palace was reconstructed for the purposes of the gallery in the 1950s and a modern extension was added in the 1970s. [[Image:Bratislava-slovenská národná galéria.jpg|thumbnail|Modern extension of the Slovak National Gallery in [[Bratislava]] from years 1969-1977]] The SNG also manages other galleries outside Bratislava: at the [[Zvolen Castle]] in [[Zvolen]], at the Strážky mansion in [[Spišská Belá]], in [[Ružomberok]] and in [[Pezinok]]. == External links == * [http://www.sng.sk/?id=0&loc=0&lang=1 Official website of SNG] {{coord missing|Slovakia}}