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Silvius may refer to:
  • Alba Silvius
    Alba Silvius
    Alba Silvius was in Roman mythology the fifth king of Alba Longa. He was the son of Latinus Silvius and the father of Atys. He reigned thirty-nine years....

    , a Roman mythology king
  • Aeneas Silvius
    Aeneas Silvius
    Aeneas Silvius is the son of Silvius, grandson of Ascanius and great-grandson of Aeneas. He is the third in the list of the mythical kings of Alba Longa in Latium, and the Silvii regarded him as the founder of their house. Dionysius of Halicarnassus ascribes to him a reign of 31 years. Ovid does...

    , a mythological king
  • Latinus Silvius
    Latinus Silvius
    Latinius Silvius was the fourth descendant of Aeneas and fourth king of Alba Longa . It is, however, unclear if this person ever existed....

    , a mythological king
  • Romulus Silvius
    Romulus Silvius
    Romulus Silvius was a descendant of Aeneas and a king of Alba Longa. Alba Longa was a city near the site of Rome, founded later by Romulus, his great-great-great-grandson in 753 BC. He was also known as Aremulus or Alladius. Romulus Silvius is said to have been a wicked ruler and pretended to know...

    , a mythological king
  • Silvius (fictional character), a minor character in the pastoral comedy As You Like It
  • Silvius (folklore), a character in British folklore
  • Silvius (insect)
    Silvius (insect)
    Silvius is a genus of fly in the family Tabanidae. It contains the following species:* S. abdominalis Philip, 1954* S. algirus Meigen 1830* S. alpinus * S. appendiculatus Macquart 1846* S. ceras...

    , a genus of horsefly
  • Silvius (mythology)
    Silvius (mythology)
    In Roman mythology, Silvius was either the son of Aeneas and Lavinia or the son of Ascanius. He succeeded Ascanius as King of Alba Longa.According to the former tradition, upon the death of Aeneas, Lavinia is said to have hidden in a forest from the fear that Ascanius would harm the child...

    , a king of Alba in Roman mythology
  • Silvius Brabo
    Silvius Brabo
    Silvius Brabo is a mythical Roman soldier who is said to have killed a giant, and by this would have created the name Brabant.Later this story was also used to explain the name Antwerp . Brabo once killed a giant, called Druon Antigoon, who asked money from people who wanted to pass the bridge over...

    , a mythical Roman soldier
  • Tiberinus Silvius, a mythological king


  • St. Sylvius of Toulouse
    Sylvius of Toulouse
    Saint Sylvius of Toulouse was bishop of Toulouse from 360 AD to 400 AD. He was succeeded by Saint Exuperius. Sylvius began construction of the basilica of St. Sernin of Toulouse towards the end of the 4th century. The church was later completed by his successor Exuperius. Sylvius' remains...

     (4th century), Gallo-Roman bishop of Toulouse
  • Silvius Condpan
    Silvius Condpan
    Shri Silvius Condpan, a politician from the Indian National Congress party, is presently a Member of the Parliament of India representing Assam in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament.-External links:*...

     (21st century), Indian National Congress politician
  • Silvius Magnago
    Silvius Magnago
    - Biography :Magnano was born in Merano. He was a trained lawyer, and lived all his life in Bolzano. He was chairman of the South Tyrolean People's Party and governor of the autonomous province of South Tyrol from 1960–1989....

     (1914–2010), retired Italian politician
  • Sylvius Leopold Weiss
    Sylvius Leopold Weiss
    Silvius Leopold Weiss was a German composer and lutenist.Born in Grottkau near Breslau, the son of Johann Jacob Weiss, also a lutenist, he served at courts in Breslau, Rome, and Dresden, where he died...

    (1687–1750), German composer and lutenist