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Sidney Heath

Sidney Heath

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Sidney Heath was a notable English landscape artist, illustrator and author of books on local topography, history and architecture. He specialised in drawings of old buildings.

He wrote several volumes for the "Beautiful England" series of travel books, illustrated by E W Haslehust, and published by Blackie and Son Limited
Blackie and Son Limited
Blackie and Son Limited was a publishing house in Glasgow, Scotland and in London, England, from 1890 to 1991.The firm was founded in 1809 by John Blackie, snr. as a partnership with two others and was originally known as 'Blackie, Fullerton and Company'. It began printing in 1819 and was renamed...

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Illustrated Books

Written and illustrated by Heath:

Written by Heath, illustrated by E W Haslehust:

Illustrated by Heath:

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