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Saint Jerome

Saint Jerome

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Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome is a Christian church father, best known for translating the Bible into Latin.Saint Jerome may also refer to:*Jerome of Pavia , Bishop of Pavia...

is a Christian church father, best known for translating the Bible into Latin.

Saint Jerome may also refer to:
  • Jerome of Pavia
    Jerome of Pavia
    Jerome of Pavia was Bishop of Pavia, from 778 until his death.-References:...

     (d.787), Bishop of Pavia
  • Saint Jerome Emiliani (1486–1537), Italian humanitarian, founder of the Somaschi Fathers
  • Saint Jerome Hermosilla, one of the Vietnamese Martyrs
    Vietnamese Martyrs
    The Vietnamese Martyrs, also known as the Martyrs of Tonkin, Martyrs of Annam , Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions , or Martyrs of Indochina, are saints on the Roman Catholic calendar of saints canonized by Pope John Paul II...

  • Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
    Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
    Saint-Jérôme is a town in Quebec, Canada, near Mirabel, about northwest of Montreal along Autoroute des Laurentides. The town is a gateway to the Laurentian Mountains and its resorts....

    , Canada
  • Saint Jerome of Cotalba Monastery, Alfauir, (Valencia), Spain
  • Saint Jerome, a song by Jason Schwartzman's solo-musical project Coconut Records for his 2009 album Davy
    Davy (album)
    Davy is Coconut Records' 2009 second release. The album is, as was Nighttiming, the product of Jason Schwartzman, who wrote all of the songs and performs the majority of the instruments....