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Q (song)

Q (song)

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"Q" is a single released in 1990/1991 by Mental Cube (better known as Future Sound of London). It is a widely respected dance classic amongst DJ's and has a distinctive bleeping, electronica feel reminiscent of work by Orbital
Orbital (band)
Orbital are a British electronic dance music duo from Sevenoaks, England consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll. Their career initially ran from 1989 until 2004, but in 2009 they announced that they would be reforming and headlining The Big Chill, in addition to a number of other live shows...


1991 release

The 1991 version added another remix, is 13:28 long and the catalog number is 180 996
  1. Q (Remix) (4:51)
  2. Q (Santa Monica Mix) (4:12)
  3. Q (Original Mix) (4:15)


  • Artwork By One Way
  • Artwork By [Sleeve Computer Graphic] Frédérick Avrado
  • Producer - FSOL, Yage
  • Written By - B. Dougans, G. Cobain