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Province of Schleswig-Holstein

Province of Schleswig-Holstein

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The '''Province of Schleswig-Holstein''' ({{lang-de|Provinz Schleswig-Holstein}}) was a [[Provinces of Prussia|province]] of the [[Kingdom of Prussia]] and the [[Free State of Prussia]] from 1868 to 1946. It was created from the Duchies of [[Schleswig]] and [[Holstein]], which had been conquered by Prussia and the [[Austrian Empire]] from [[Denmark]] in the [[Second War of Schleswig]] in 1864. Following the [[Austro-Prussian War]] in 1866, which ended in Austrian defeat, Schleswig and Holstein were annexed by Prussia. The province was created in 1868 and also included the [[Duchy of Lauenburg]] since 1876. Following the defeat of [[German Empire|Imperial Germany]] in [[World War I]], the Allied powers organised two [[Schleswig Plebiscites|plebiscites]] in Northern and Central Schleswig on 10 February and 14 March 1920, respectively. In Northern Schleswig 75% voted for reunification with Denmark and 25% for staying with Germany. In Central Schleswig the situation was reversed with 80% voting for Germany and 20% for Denmark. No vote ever took place in the southern third of Schleswig. On 15 June 1920, Northern Schleswig was officially reunited with Denmark (see: [[South Jutland County]]). The remainder of Schleswig remained part of Schleswig-Holstein, now a province of the [[Free State of Prussia]]. With the [[Gesetz über Groß-Hamburg und andere Gebietsbereinigungen|Greater Hamburg Act]] of 1937, the [[Free City of Lübeck|Hanseatic City of Lübeck]] and the [[Free State of Oldenburg|Oldenburgian]] exclave [[Bishopric of Lübeck#Principality and Region of Lübeck|Region of Lübeck]] were incorporated into the Schleswig-Holstein province, while a number of Hamburg's adjacent municipalities, among them the city districts of [[Altona, Hamburg|Altona]] and [[Wandsbek]], were incorporated into the [[Hamburg|Hanseatic City of Hamburg]]. This again ceded its exclaves of [[Geesthacht]] and [[Großhansdorf]] to Schleswig-Holstein. After [[World War II]], Schleswig-Holstein was part of the [[Allied Occupation Zones in Germany|British occupation zone]], although some municipalities of Schleswig-Holstein east of [[Ratzeburg]] were exchanged for municipalities of [[Mecklenburg]] in the [[Soviet occupation zone]] ([[Barber Lyashchenko Agreement]]). The British-occupied section became the new [[States of Germany|German state]] of [[Schleswig-Holstein]] on 23 August 1946, which joined the [[West Germany|Federal Republic of Germany]] on 23 May 1949. [[Image:Provinz Schleswig-Holstein 1905.png|thumb|left|200px|Map of the Province of Schleswig-Holstein as of 1905.]] ==See also== *[[Schleswig-Holstein]] *[[Schleswig-Holstein Question]] *[[History of Schleswig-Holstein]] *[[Peace of Prague (1866)]] *[[Schleswig Plebiscites]] ==External links== *[http://www.gemeindeverzeichnis.de/gem1900//gem1900.htm?schleswig/schleswig1900.htm Gemeindeverzeichnis Deutschland 1900] {{de icon}} *[http://www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de/provinz_schleswig-holstein.htm Deutsche-Schutzgebiete.de] {{de icon}} {{Territories and provinces of Prussia}} {{coord missing|Denmark}}