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Patsy Biscoe

Patsy Biscoe

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Patsy Biscoe is an Australian singer, notable for her television appearances on children's television shows, Here's Humphrey
Here's Humphrey
Here's Humphrey is an Australian children's television series first aired on Monday 24 May 1965. It featured a character known as Humphrey B. Bear. In the early days Humphrey was known as Bear Bear and was named Humphrey B. Bear as the result of an on-air competition...

 and Fat Cat and Friends
Fat Cat and Friends
Fat Cat and Friends was an Australian childrens television show starring Fat Cat , an orange anthropomorphic cat who wears red braces, a blue bow tie and a green bowler hat. The show was similar in concept to Here's Humphrey featuring Humphrey B. Bear...

. She has also released many children's albums containing nursery rhymes and similar children's songs and has sold in excess of 500,000 units in her musical career.


Biscoe was born in Shimla
Shimla , formerly known as Simla, is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. In 1864, Shimla was declared the summer capital of the British Raj in India. A popular tourist destination, Shimla is often referred to as the "Queen of Hills," a term coined by the British...

, India
India , officially the Republic of India , is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world...

, to a British army officer and civil servant. She came to Australia with her family as a result of the Partition of India
Partition of India
The Partition of India was the partition of British India on the basis of religious demographics that led to the creation of the sovereign states of the Dominion of Pakistan and the Union of India on 14 and 15...

, grew up in Sydney
Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney is located on Australia's south-east coast of the Tasman Sea. As of June 2010, the greater metropolitan area had an approximate population of 4.6 million people...

 and moved with her family to Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Sandy Bay is a suburb of the city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, located immediately south of the central business district.The suburb is home to many large homes, and adjoins the waterfront Salamanca area and Battery Point. The suburb is known as one of the city's prestigious areas...

 in Hobart
Hobart is the state capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Founded in 1804 as a penal colony,Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city after Sydney. In 2009, the city had a greater area population of approximately 212,019. A resident of Hobart is known as...

 when she was nine. She won a classical singing scholarship after making an unscheduled appearance at the St Mary’s College
St Mary's College, Hobart
St Mary's College is a private, Catholic, day school for girls, located on the northern city fringe of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.Although predominantly a girls’ school, St Mary's accepts both boys and girls until Grade 2, and currently caters for approximately 770 students from Kindergarten to...

 annual eisteddfod. While studying medicine at the University of Tasmania
University of Tasmania
The University of Tasmania is a medium-sized public Australian university based in Tasmania, Australia. Officially founded on 1 January 1890, it was the fourth university to be established in nineteenth-century Australia...

, she sang and played some guitar in the Sunday night jazz club. Her studies and fledgling career were interrupted by a car accident which damaged her sight.

She was a finalist in the Starflight International talent quest of the Australian television show Bandstand
Bandstand (Australia)
Bandstand was an Australian musical/variety television show which screened from November 1958 to 1972. It was produced at the studios of TCN-9 in Sydney and eventually became a national program as Nine Network expanded into other Australian cities in the early 1960s.Bandstand was created by Nine...

, competing for an overseas trip and a recording contract. She recorded her first LP in Sydney in 1965 with CBS records
Columbia Records
Columbia Records is an American record label, owned by Japan's Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group with Aware Records. It was founded in 1888, evolving from an earlier enterprise, the American Graphophone Company — successor to the Volta Graphophone Company...


Biscoe is Deputy Mayor of the Barossa Council
Barossa Council
Barossa Council is a Local Government Area in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It was proclaimed on 1 July 1996 through the amalgamation of several former councils:*District Council of Angaston*District Council of Barossa*District Council of Tanunda...

 Local Government Area, a naturopath, and an executive director in Tanunda
Tanunda, South Australia
Tanunda is a town situated in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia, 70 kilometres north east of the state capital, Adelaide. The town derives its name from an Aboriginal word meaning water hole. Town population is approximately 3500.-Settlement:...


Biscoe was parodied by comedian Glynn Nicholas
Glynn Nicholas
Glynn Nicholas is an Australian comedy performer, writer and producer. He works as a stand-up comedian, mime artist, character actor and musician.-Busking:Glynn Nicholas began as a busker while touring Europe in 1977...

 who played Paté Biscuit on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, commonly referred to as "the ABC" , is Australia's national public broadcaster...

 television comedy show, The Big Gig
The Big Gig
The Big Gig was a popular Australian television comedy series based on the British TV series Saturday Live. It was produced and broadcast by the ABC in the late 1980s and early 1990s and was produced and directed by Ted Robinson, who started his career as the director of the second series of the...

. In one episode Biscoe actually appeared, the gag being that she tied up Biscuit and performed the show with Bongo, Biscuit's hand puppet.


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