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The Pashtun people
Pashtun people
Pashtuns or Pathans , also known as ethnic Afghans , are an Eastern Iranic ethnic group with populations primarily between the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and the Indus River in Pakistan...

 are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan
Ethnic groups in Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a multiethnic society. The population of the country is divided into a wide variety of ethnolinguistic groups. The ethnic groups of the country are as follow: Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Arab, Brahui, Pamiri and some others.-Ethnic...

 and the second largest in Pakistan
Pakistan , officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a sovereign state in South Asia. It has a coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and China in the far northeast. In the north, Tajikistan...

. Pashtun, (also called ethnic Afghan) tribes are divided into four supertribal confederacies: the Arbanee (Sarabani), Betanee (Baitani), Gharghasht, and Karlanee (Krai, Kerlani).

Traditionally, according to folklore
Folklore consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales and customs that are the traditions of a culture, subculture, or group. It is also the set of practices through which those expressive genres are shared. The study of folklore is sometimes called...

, all Pashtuns are said to have descended, at the time of the introduction of Islam
Islam . The most common are and .   : Arabic pronunciation varies regionally. The first vowel ranges from ~~. The second vowel ranges from ~~~...

, from the tribe of Qais Abdur Rashid
Qais Abdur Rashid
Qais Abdur Rashid Khan , also known as Kesh, Kish, Qesh and Imraul Qais is a legendary ancestor of the Pashtun race, claimed to be the first ethnic Pashtun who travelled to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia during the early days of Islam.) He is believed to be the 37th descendent of King Saul .He...

, who died in 662 CE, and his three sons: Saraban, Batan and Ghurghusht.ʻAbbās Khān Sarvānī (1974) Tārīḵẖ-i-Śēr Śāhī (translated from the original Persian by Brahmadeva Prasad Ambashthya) K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna, India, pages 58-62, Karrān or Karlān was said to be the ancestor of the fourth branch. Estimates of the number of Pashtun tribes and clans range from about 350 to over 400.
  • Babar
    Babar (tribe)
    The Babar tribe is a Pakhtun tribe descending from Sarban, a son of Qais Abdur Rashid along with other tribes such as the Yusafzais, Tareens, Durranis and Mohmands....

  • Jalwaanai
  • Barais (Barech)
  • Baayer
  • Oormar
  • Jadoon
    The Jadoons are one of the largest Pashtun tribes in Pakistan. They originate from Jallalabad and are now located in the southern Hazara Division area of Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa, Pakistan, partly in Gadoon area in Swabi on the southern slopes of Mahaban Mountains, and partly in Abbottabad District...

  • Tareen
    The Tareen are a prominent Sarbanri Pashtun tribe residing in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. They are one of the largest Pashtun tribes.-History:...

  • Gharshin
  • Lawaanai
  • Popalzai
    Popalzai or Popalzay are Durrani Pashtuns.-Origin:According to Hyat Khan's history of Afghanistan, from their progenitor Bor Tareen, otherwise known as Abdal, are descended two main divisions: the Zirak and the Panjpai...

  • Baamizai
  • Sadozai
    Sadozai (Pastun tribe)
    Sadozai meaning "kings" are the direct lineage of Ahmad Shah Abdali. All the notable Sadozai Durrani Afghan kings and rulers belonedg to the Sadozai tribe....

  • Alikozai
  • Mohammadzai (Zeerak)
  • Achakzai
    Achakzai are Durrani primarily found in southern Afghanistan and northern regions of Balochistan Province, Pakistan.-Demographics:Achakzais of Afghanistan are mainly located in Spin Boldak, Reg, Kandahar, Helmand, Oruzgan and Herat...

  • Noorzai
    SHARIEF KHAN NOORZAI IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFULL PASHTONS LEADER IN THE WHOLE AFGHANISTAN AND HE IS FROM THE THE TRIBE 'Noorzai or Nurzai and are one of the biggest tribes of the Pushtoon, with a population of roughly 4.5 million in Afghanistan. They are an influential tribe in southern and...

  • Saakzai
  • Maako
  • Kashmiryan (kashmiri)
  • Tanoli
    The Tanoli are a Hazarewal tribe of the Tanawal valley, Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Although not usually acknowledged as Pashtuns, the Tanoli have to an extent assimilated many Pashtun cultural features and become Pashtunified. Tribally allied with the Pathans,. The...

  • Yousufzai
  • Atmaanzai (Utmanzai)
  • Raanizai
  • Mandan
  • Tarkanri
  • Khalil
    Khalil (tribe)
    Khalil is a Pashtun tribe living in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the Peshawar valley, west and south-west of Daudzai lie the settlements of the Khalils. These are bounded on the south by the Bara stream. The Khalils like Mohmands and Daudzais claim to be descendants of Sultan Ibrahim Ghauri, son...

  • Daudzai
  • Zamaryanai
  • Zeranai
  • Mohmand
    The Mohmand are a clan of Sarban Pashtuns, living primarily in the FATA & Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan & northeastern Afghanistan.- Demographics :...

  • Kheshgai (Khaishagi)
  • Kaasi
  • sherani
  • Shinwari
  • Gagyanai
  • Salarzai
    Salarzais, along with the Kakazai and Wur, are one of the four clans of Tarkanis. There were around 8,000 members in the Babukarrah and Charmung valleys in Bajaur and 150 members in Bara Banda of Nowshera District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in 1910....

  • Malgoorai
  • Shilmani
    The Shilmani or Shalmani شلمانى are a Sarbanri Pashtun tribe who are primarily concentrated in the Shalman valley in Khyber agency near Peshawar, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan, the tribe is also present in different areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.In Pakistan, they live in Swat, Upper...

Ghorgasht (Gharghakht)

  • Babai
    Babai (tribe)
    Babai is a Pashtun tribe. This tribe lives mostly in Quetta, Pakistan and Zabol Province, Afghanistan....

  • Kakar
    The Kakar are a Pashtun tribe, with members living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.-Kakar :Kakar Afghan was one of the grandsons of Qais Abdur Rashid. Kakar's father's name was Dani, son of Gharghasht, who was the son of Qais in the Afghan appendix of tribes. According to Afghan and Muslim historians,...

  • Naghar
    Naghar ia a small village, located in Bageshwar district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is about 25 kilometer away from its district headquarter in Haldwani–Dharamghar road. Naghar is located on the bank of Pungar river .The whole valley is known as “Pungar Valley” or “Dugpatti”. You...

     (Ans, Terk, Parman, Damsan, Abdul Rahman,Saleh)
  • Panee (Panri) (Barozai, Zarkoon, Luni, Musakhail, Abdullahkhail, Habibzai, Marghazani, Dehpal, Mzari etc.)
  • Dawi (According to history he was brother of Kakar,Naghar,Pani and Babie)
  • Hamar
    is a town and municipality in Hedmark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Hedmarken. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Hamar. The municipality of Hamar was separated from Vang as a town and municipality of its own in 1849...

  • Doomar (Dumarr)
  • Khondai
  • Jadoon
    The Jadoons are one of the largest Pashtun tribes in Pakistan. They originate from Jallalabad and are now located in the southern Hazara Division area of Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa, Pakistan, partly in Gadoon area in Swabi on the southern slopes of Mahaban Mountains, and partly in Abbottabad District...

  • Masakhel (Musakhail)
  • Sapai or Safai (Safi)
  • Mashwanai
  • Zmarai (Mzarai)
  • Shalman
    Shalmaneser is documented by The Bible as an Assyrian king , identified with Shalmaneser II or IV , the successor of Pul on the throne of Assyria . He made war against Hoshea , the king of Israel, whom he subdued and compelled to pay an annual tribute. Hoshea, however, soon after rebelled against...

  • Mandokhail

Karlanee (Kerlani)

  • Roadh Bai
  • Dilazak
  • Mangal
    Mangal (tribe)
    The Mangal are one of the largest and perhaps the most powerful and influential Pashtun tribes, residing in Southeastern Paktia and adjacent Khost provinces of Afghanistan The Mangals are known for their independent nature, and have a long history of resisting British forces, central and provincial...

  • Kakai
  • Torai or Turi
  • Hanee
  • Wardak (Verdag)
  • Aurakzai (Orakzai)
  • Afridi
    Afridi of rough hilly area in the eastern Safed Koh range, west of the Peshawar Valley and east of Torkham, and Maidan in Tirah, which can be accessed by the Kajurhi plains and the valleys of Bara and Churah in Pakistan...

     or Apridee
  • Khattak
    Khattak or Khatak , is the name of an Afghan tribe. speaking a variant of the Kandahari Pashto. They are accorded the status of being one of the original and true Afghans. The tribe is settled along the western bank of the river Indus from as north upwards as Sammah; modern day Lund Khwar & Sher...

  • Khakwani
    Khogyani (tribe)
    The Khogyani tribe is a Pashtun tribe of the Karlani or "Hill Tribes" branch. The tribe originated from the Khogyani District along the Koh-i-Safed mountain range in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan...

  • Sheetak
  • Bolaaq
  • Zadran (Jadran)
  • Wazir
    Wazir (tribe)
    Wazirs or Waziris are a Pashtun tribe settled in the North Waziristan and South Waziristan agencies of Pakistan as well in the urban cities of Tank, F.R Bannu,i.e Domel and adjacent villages, Karachi and Lahore. Across the border, they can also be found in Paktia, Khost and Paktika provinces of...

  • Masid (Mahsud
    Mahsud is a Pashtun tribe in South Waziristan, a tribal region in Pakistan. Mahsud are considered to be one of the bravest and toughest Pashtun Tribes. The Mahsud tribe lives in the centre of South Waziristan valley, surrounded on three sides by the Darwesh Waziris, and being shut off by the...

  • Daur (Dawar
    Dawar or Dawar Bakhsh, which means "God Given" was the ruler of the Moghul Empire for a short time between 1627-1628, immediately after the death of his grandfather Jahangir . It was the title given to 'Bulaki' on his accession to the Moghul throne...

  • Sataryanai
  • Gaarai
  • Bangash
    Bangash is the name of a Pashtun clan. The Bangash clan inhabit regions within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas , the Kurram Agency, the Miranzai Valley bordering the Samana Range, Naryab, Tirah, Kohat and Peshawar within the Sarhad province...

  • Banosee (Banuchi)
  • Zazai (Jaji)
  • Gorbuz
  • Khostwaal
  • Atmaankhel (Utmankhail)
  • Muqbal


The Betanee, Baitani or Bhittani include:
  • Tokhi
    Tokhi is an influential Ghilzai Pashtun tribe found throughout southern, western Afghanistan. In the Pashtun tribal hierarchy Tokhi is one of the most respected tribes.They are wholly powerful, rich and widely considered to be one of the most brave, warlike and tough Pashtun tribes, concurrently...

  • Sahaak
  • Tarakai
    The Tarakai are a Ghilzai Pashtun tribe; many are found in Ghazni and Zabol provinces of Afghanistan. They are divided into six khels: the Firoz, Suhail, Gurbuz, Badin, Saki, and Na....

  • Andar
    Andar tribe
    The Andar are a Ghilzai Pashtun sub-tribe. The Andar had been known for their skill and usage of large karez . More concentrated in Ghazni Province, they have also a significant presence in Paktia. During the 19th century they joined in the Ghilzai revolt and many were summarily sent into internal...

  • Suleiman Khel
    Suleiman Khel
    The Suleiman Khel are a Pashtun sub-tribe of the Ghilzai confederation. In the early 20th century, the tribe was recognised as generally pastoral.In 1924, the Suleiman Khel joined in the Khost Rebellion initiated by the Mangal tribe....

  • Hotak
    Hotak is an Afghan royal family name among the Pashtun people.The Hotaki started long ago as a rich and well known political family. The first king to take power in Kandahar, Afghanistan, was Mirwais Hotak . After his death many different Hotakis took the power of the throne, such as Mahmud...

  • Akakhel
  • Nasar
    Nasar , originally baptized Basil , was a distinguished Byzantine military leader in the Byzantine–Arab conflicts of the latter half of the 9th century....

  • Kharotai
  • Bakhtiar
    Bakhtiār or Bakhtiyār , also spelled as Bakhtyar, Baxtiyar, Baxtiyor and Bahtiyar, is a Persian given name for boys, popular in Iran, Central Asia, and among the Muslims of South Asia...

  • Marwat
    Marwat مروت, refers to a Pashtun tribe, located primarily in Lakki Marwat District in the south of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan as well the districts of Tank and Dera Ismail Khan...

  • Ahmadzai
    Aḥmadzai is a Pashtun tribe. There are many separate and distinct clans, sub-clans, tribal fractions, large families etc. that trace their ancestry to different Aḥmads.-Afghanistan:...

  • Tarai
  • Dotanai (Dotani)
  • Taran
    - Given name :* Taran, a 7th century king of the Picts* Taran Taran, founder of the Taran Panth religious sect* Taran Adarsh, an Indian film critic* Taran Killam, an American comic actor* Taran Noah Smith, an actor...

  • Lodi
  • Chamkani
    Chamkani is not only the name of a village Infact Chamknai is a sub tribe of Pashto speeking people. This tribe belongs to Afghanistan. "Khalid Bin Waleed" is also associated with this tribe....

  • Niazi
    The Niazi are a tribe of Ghilzai Pashtun people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey. The name Niazi is derived from Niazai, like the other forms of Pashtun tribes, such as Yusufzai and Orakzai...

  • Soor
  • Sherwani
    Sherwani is a long coat-like garment worn in South Asia, very similar to an Achkan or doublet, and is traditionally associated with the Muslim aristocracy of the northern Indian subcontinent....

  • Gandapur
    The Gandapurs are a Pashtun tribe inhabiting the environs of Dera Ismail Khan, a major commercial center on the west bank of the Indus River, in the southern region of the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa of Pakistan, near the frontier with South Waziristan. The Gandapurs reside principally in the small town of...

  • Daulat Khail
  • Kundi Ali Khail
  • Dasoo Khail
  • Jaafar
  • Ostranai (Ustarana)
  • Loohanai
  • Miankhail
  • Sheranai
  • Khasoor
  • Stanikzai


Tribe Subtribes Clans of Tribe Division of Clans Subdivsion Section of Subdivision Minor Fractions Other Fractions  
Afridi Darra Adam Khel Gallai [zwaqai][Hassan khel][Asho khel]        
Tirah Adam Khel Kala Khel & Jawaki Bazi Khel Babar Khel, Karmo khel, Dadar khel, Marsid khel Babar khel, Gawar khel, Khwaja khel, sarwar khel Gulbay khel,Farid Khel Sobat khan tabar Shero, tabar Awyon Koregar, Noyon, Kashmiryan,
    Tor Sapar Feroz Khel        
Aka Khel Kamal Khel Basi Khel Mirghat Khel Adili Khel    
Kuki Khel Abdal Khel            
  Mitha Khan Khel Hassan Khel Kattia Khel Futteh Khel      
        Mohmand Khel Dildar Khel Behram Kor Adala Kor
      Mannia Khel Mashi Khel Feroz Khel    
Kambar Khel Dray Plari Zona Khel Zapari        
Kamar Khel              
Malikdeen Khel              
Sipah Urmuz Khel Abdul Khel          
  Landi Khel Abdul Rahman Khel          
Zakha Khel Budai Pakhai Hassan Khel Nikki Khel Ahmad Khel