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Otay Mesa West, San Diego

Otay Mesa West, San Diego

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'''Otay Mesa West''' is a residential neighborhood in the [[South San Diego|southern]] section of [[San Diego]]. It borders [[Interstate 805]] to the east, [[Interstate 5]] to the west, and [[California State Route 905]] to the south. It neighbors [[Ocean View Hills, San Diego|Ocean View Hills]] to the east, [[Nestor, San Diego|Nestor]] and [[Palm City, San Diego|Palm City]] to the west and [[Chula Vista]] to the north. The northern boundary of Otay Mesa West roughly coincides with the [[Otay River]]. Major thoroughfares include Palm Avenue, Coronado Avenue, Picador Boulevard, Del Sol Boulevard, Beyer Boulevard, and Beyer Way. ==History== The area which now includes Otay Mesa West was annexed from [[San Diego County]] along with other portions of South San Diego in 1957. ==Landmarks and facilities== Otay Mesa West abuts the [[Otay Valley Regional Park]], a regional natural resource. Within the neighborhood's boundaries are Palm Ridge Park, Silverwing Park, and [[Montgomery Waller Community Park]]. ==Education== Public schools in Otay Mesa West include Pence Elementary, Los Altos Elementary, Southwest Middle, Montgomery Middle, and [[Montgomery High School, San Diego|Montgomery High School]]. {{Neighborhoods of San Diego}} {{coord missing|San Diego County, California}}