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New England Baptist Hospital

New England Baptist Hospital

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[[Image:Small Red Rose.JPG|thumb|The Carl J. B. and Olive Currie Rose Fund assures that all patients receive a red rose upon admittance.]] '''New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH)''' is a 141-bed adult [[medicine|medical]]/[[Surgery|surgical]] [[hospital]] in [[Boston]], [[Massachusetts]] specializing in [[orthopedic medicine|orthopedic]] care and complex orthopedic procedures. NEBH is an international leader in the treatment of all forms of [[Musculoskeletal system|musculoskeletal]] disorders and disease. “The Baptist” (as the hospital is called for short) is located atop Parker Hill in the [[Mission Hill, Boston, Massachusetts|Mission Hill]] neighborhood within walking distance of the [[Longwood Medical and Academic Area]]. The hospital is a teaching affiliate of the both the [[University of Massachusetts Medical School]] and [[Tufts University School of Medicine]]. It also conducts teaching programs in collaboration with the [[Harvard School of Public Health]] and the [[Harvard School of Medicine]]. == History == [[Image:Hip_replacement_Image_3684-PH.jpg|thumb|right|“The Baptist” was the site of one of the first [[artificial hip]] replacements in the [[United States]].]] As indicated by its name, New England Baptist Hospital was established by [[American Baptist Churches USA|Northern Baptists]], a [[Religious denomination|denomination]] with a long history in [[New England]] and an identity distinct from the better-known [[Southern Baptist Convention|Southern Baptists]]. When the hospital was created in 1893, Parker Hill was a [[streetcar suburb]] considered far enough away from [[Downtown Crossing|downtown Boston]] to provide fresh air and an escape from the noise and congestion of the city for patients who might benefit from long term rest and relaxation. Parker Hill offers panoramic views of the city, [[Boston Harbor]], and the [[Blue Hills Reservation|Blue Hills]]. Even today it is a remarkably peaceful site considering its location near the center of one of the largest metropolitan areas in [[North America]]. == Vision statement == NEBH’s vision statement is that “New England Baptist Hospital will be known as a premier Orthopedic Center of Excellence providing the highest quality medical and surgical care.” == Bone & Joint Institute == Through the associated New England Baptist Bone & Joint Institute, the hospital offers a full range of services in orthopedics and [[rheumatology]], [[occupational medicine]] and [[sports medicine]], foot and ankle care, [[joint replacement]], [[Vertebral column|spine]] care and [[hand surgery]]. The institute offers a range of preventive, education, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services. == Sports medicine == NEBH has a long association with sports medicine and has provided services to U.S. [[Olympic Games|Olympic teams]] and countless [[Professional sports|professional athletes]]. [[Boston Red Sox]] legend [[Ted Williams]] came to the Baptist for treatment of a cervical disk disorder in the 1950s. In 1999, esteemed [[PGA Tour]] player [[Jack Nicklaus]] came here for a new hip. NEBH is the official hospital of the seventeen-time world champion [[Boston Celtics]] and has a long association with the [[Boston Athletic Association]] which hosts the [[Boston Marathon]]. The Baptist continues to provide services to a variety of professional and amateur athletes from around the world. == Currie Rose fund == Carl J. B. Currie, a [[trustee]] and major benefactor to the hospital, noticed that while some patients received bouquets of [[flower]]s from well-wishers to encourage their recovery, other patients received none. In 1958 he established the Carl J. B. and Olive Currie Rose Fund to ensure that all patients would henceforth be welcomed with a red [[rose]], a tradition that continues today. NEBH has since adopted the rose as its official symbol, indicative of the hospital’s commitment to high quality and individualized patient care. == Notable mentions == * The [[American Association of Retired Persons]] (AARP) named NEBH as one of the top 10 United States hospitals for knee and hip orthopedics. * [[U.S. News & World Report]] selected the Baptist as one of the top orthopedic hospitals in the country. *[http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/lists/60-hospitals-with-great-orthopedic-programs/2.html Becker's Hospital Review] listed NEBH under 60 Hospitals With Great Orthopedic Programs. == External links == *[http://www.nebh.org New England Baptist Hospital] {{coord missing|Massachusetts}}