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NRU may refer to:
  • National Reform Union (1864–1867), the formal name for the Reform Union, a minor, yet significant pressure group within the United Kingdom that demanded a secret ballot, extension of the franchise and equal sized constituencies in relation to the democratic process. Disbanded after the Reform Act of 1867 was passed.
  • National Registrars Union
  • National Research Universal Reactor
    National Research Universal Reactor
    The National Research Universal reactor, located in Chalk River, Ontario, is one of Canada’s national science facilities. It is a multipurpose science facility that serves three main roles....

  • Nauru
    Nauru , officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific. Its nearest neighbour is Banaba Island in Kiribati, to the east. Nauru is the world's smallest republic, covering just...

  • Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, part of the UK's Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Nitrogen Rejection Unit
    Nitrogen Rejection Unit
    A nitrogen rejection unit selectively removes nitrogen from a gas. The name can be applied any system that removes nitrogen from natural gas.For high flow-rate applications, cryogenic processing is the norm...

  • Northeast Rugby Union
    Northeast Rugby Union
    The Northeast Rugby Union is the Territorial Area Union for rugby union teams playing in the Northeastern United States . It is one of seven TAU's that govern specific regions of USA Rugby.-LAU's:...

  • Not recently used, a page replacement algorithm
    Page replacement algorithm
    In a computer operating system that uses paging for virtual memory management, page replacement algorithms decide which memory pages to page out when a page of memory needs to be allocated...