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Montenero Circuit

Montenero Circuit

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The Montenero Circuit was a motor racing
Auto racing
Auto racing is a motorsport involving the racing of cars for competition. It is one of the world's most watched televised sports.-The beginning of racing:...

 road course at Livorno, Italy. Sometimes referred to simply as "the Livorno Circuit", it was the scene of several Grand Prix races
Grand Prix motor racing
Grand Prix motor racing has its roots in organised automobile racing that began in France as far back as 1894. It quickly evolved from a simple road race from one town to the next, to endurance tests for car and driver...

 from 1921 until 1939, mainly the annual Coppa Montenero/Coppa Ciano
Coppa Ciano
The Coppa Ciano was an automobile race held in Italy. Originally referred to as Coppa Montenero or Circuito Montenero, the Coppa Ciano name being used between 1927 and 1939....

. In 1937 it also hosted the Italian Grand Prix
Italian Grand Prix
The Italian Grand Prix is one of the longest running events on the motor racing calendar. The first Italian Grand Prix motor racing championship took place on 4 September 1921 at Brescia...


The circuit was created in 1921 at the initiative of Paolo Fabbrini, owner of the newspaper Corriere di Livorno. It ran on the public roads in and around Livorno, starting at the Livorno seafront, stretching up into the hills of Montenero, climbing to about 300 meters above sea level before returning back down again. The circuit was very long and extremely hard on both man and machine.

The layout was modified several times. In 1922, building on the experience from the first race, a 22.5 km layout was adopted.
The mountain part of the track was dropped in 1936, leaving 7.2 km of road. Two years later it was shortened again, this time to 5.8 km.

The last Coppa Ciano before the Second World War was held in July of 1939, after which racing ceased for many years.

In 1947 an attempt was made to resurrect the Montenero Circuit. Chicanes were put in to slow down the pace. But the race was not a financial success. A low-key sportscar race in 1953 was the last event before the track was closed down for good.