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Montenegrin Littoral

Montenegrin Littoral

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[[File:Montenegro.JPG|thumb|250px|right|On this 1862 map, the Montenegrin Littoral is in yellow; the [[Principality of Montenegro]] is in red.]] The '''Montenegrin Littoral''' is a region in [[Montenegro]] which borders the [[Adriatic Sea]]. Prior to the [[Creation of Yugoslavia]], the Montenegrin Littoral was not part of the [[Kingdom of Montenegro]], but rather a bordering region of the [[Austro-Hungarian Empire]], latterly part of the [[State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs]]. ==Municipalities== The region includes following municipalities: *[[Herceg Novi]] *[[Tivat]] *[[Kotor]] *[[Budva]] *[[Bar, Montenegro|Bar]] *[[Ulcinj]] ==Sub-regions== *[[Gulf of Kotor|Bay of Kotor]] **[[Kotor Riviera]] **[[Herceg Novi Riviera]] **[[Tivat Riviera]] *[[Bar Riviera]] *[[Budva Riviera (region)|Budva Riviera]] *Ulcinj Riviera ==See also== *[[Montenegro]] [http://www.kotoronline.com Kotor] {{Montenegro-geo-stub}} {{Geographical regions of Montenegro}} {{coord missing|Montenegro}}