Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch

Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch

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The United States
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) is part of the Environmental Modeling Center
Environmental Modeling Center
The Environmental Modeling Center , improves numerical weather, marine and climate predictions at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction , through a broad program of research in data assimilation and modeling...

, which is responsible for the development of improved numerical weather and marine prediction modeling systems within NCEP
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
The United States National Centers for Environmental Prediction delivers national and global weather, water, climate and space weather guidance, forecasts, warnings and analyses to its Partners and External User Communities...

National Weather Service
The National Weather Service , once known as the Weather Bureau, is one of the six scientific agencies that make up the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States government...

. It provides analysis and real-time forecast guidance (1–16 days) on marine meteorological, oceanographic, and cryospheric parameters over the global oceans and coastal areas of the US.

Products include:
  • Ocean Waves
    Ocean surface wave
    In fluid dynamics, wind waves or, more precisely, wind-generated waves are surface waves that occur on the free surface of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and canals or even on small puddles and ponds. They usually result from the wind blowing over a vast enough stretch of fluid surface. Waves in the...

  • Sea ice
  • Marine Meteorology
    • Marine Winds - Satellite Remote Sensing
    • Coastal Ocean Visibility
    • Open Ocean Visibility
    • Vessel Icing
  • Sea surface temperature
    Sea surface temperature
    Sea surface temperature is the water temperature close to the oceans surface. The exact meaning of surface varies according to the measurement method used, but it is between and below the sea surface. Air masses in the Earth's atmosphere are highly modified by sea surface temperatures within a...

  • Real-Time Ocean Forecast System
  • Automated Gulf Stream
    Gulf Stream
    The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean...