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MFA may refer to:

An academic degree or professional field:
  • Masters of Finance and Accounting
  • Master of Financial Analysis
  • Master of Fine Arts
    Master of Fine Arts
    A Master of Fine Arts is a graduate degree typically requiring 2–3 years of postgraduate study beyond the bachelor's degree , although the term of study will vary by country or by university. The MFA is usually awarded in visual arts, creative writing, filmmaking, dance, or theatre/performing arts...

  • Material Flow Accounting
    Material flow accounting
    Material flow accounting is the study of material flows on a national or regional scale. It is therefore sometimes also referred to as regional, national or economy-wide material flow analysis.-Definition:...

  • Material Flow Analysis
    Material flow analysis
    Material flow analysis is an analytical method of quantifying flows and stocks of materials or substances in a well-defined system. MFA is an important tool to assess the physical consequences of human activities and needs in the field of Industrial Ecology, where it is used on different spatial...

A concept or phrase:
  • Made For Ads
  • Made for AdSense

An organization or agency:
  • Malta Football Association
    Malta Football Association
    The Malta Football Association is the governing body of football in Malta.It organises the Maltese Football League and several other competitions, including the knockout competition for the top teams, called the FA Trophy...

  • Marine and Fisheries Agency of England and Wales
  • Math for America
    Math for America
    Math for America is a nonprofit organization, founded in January 2004 by mathematician Jim Simons with a mission to improve mathematics education in United States public schools by recruiting, training, and retaining highly qualified secondary school mathematics teachers.-Background:MƒA created...

  • Mauritius Football Association
    Mauritius Football Association
    The Mauritius Football Association is the governing body of football in Mauritius. It was founded in 1952, affiliated to FIFA in 1962 and to CAF in 1963. The association was formerly known as the Mauritius Sports Association but renamed to Mauritius Football Association in 1984 through the...

  • Mercy for Animals
    Mercy for Animals
    Mercy for Animals is an animal rights group based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in October 1999, it is a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501 organization with more than 25,000 members. Nathan Runkle is the group's executive director and founder...

  • MFA Oil
    MFA Oil
    MFA Oil is an energy cooperative started in 1929 by the Missouri Farmers Association. It produces fuel and lubrication products and manages bulk petroleum and propane plants in the Central US. The company operates 76 Break Time convenience stores in Missouri and Arkansas. The company also...

    , an energy cooperative
    A cooperative is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit...

  • Micronational Football Association
    Micronational Football Association
    Micronational Football Association is a Non-FIFA international football organisation solely for micronations. It is the fourth largest organization in the world of it's kind, behind the International Island Games Association , N.F.-Board and FIFA...

  • Midland Football Alliance
    Midland Football Alliance
    The Midland Football Alliance is an English association football league for semi-professional teams. It covers Leicestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire and also southern parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire...

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, a ministry in the former Soviet Union
  • Missouri Farmers Association
  • Montserrat Football Association
    Montserrat Football Association
    The Montserrat Football Association is the governing body of football in Montserrat.-External links:* at the FIFA website....

  • Mouvement des Forces de l'Avenir, a political party in Cote d'Ivoire
    Côte d'Ivoire
    The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast is a country in West Africa. It has an area of , and borders the countries Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana; its southern boundary is along the Gulf of Guinea. The country's population was 15,366,672 in 1998 and was estimated to be...

  • Movimento das Forças Armadas
    Movimento das Forças Armadas
    The Movement of the Armed Forces was an organisation of lower-ranked left-leaning officers in the Portuguese Armed Forces which was responsible for the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974, a military coup in Lisbon which ended the corporatist New State regime in Portugal, the Portuguese...

  • Munster Football Association
    Munster Football Association
    The Munster Football Association or MFA is charged with the administration of association football in the Irish province of Munster by the FAI. The headquarters of the association, Turners Cross is also the home of League of Ireland side Cork City FC. Founded in 1922, there are currently 13 leagues...

  • Museum of Fine Arts
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the largest museums in the United States, attracting over one million visitors a year. It contains over 450,000 works of art, making it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Americas...

     in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Music for America
    Music for America
    Music for America was a political organization which used concert events and the social networks which surround bands and musical "scenes" as a way to promote progressive political values and participation among Millennial Generation Americans.-Foundation:...

A process or device:
  • Mail filtering agent
  • Mean field annealing — a computer algorithm similar to simulated annealing
    Simulated annealing
    Simulated annealing is a generic probabilistic metaheuristic for the global optimization problem of locating a good approximation to the global optimum of a given function in a large search space. It is often used when the search space is discrete...

  • Metabolic flux analysis
    Metabolic flux analysis
    Metabolic flux analysis is an analysis technique similar to Flux Balance Analysis used to determine the rate at which a metabolite is produced during a bioprocess....

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    Two-factor authentication
    Two-factor authentication is an approach to authentication which requires the presentation of two different kinds of evidence that someone is who they say they are. It is a part of the broader family of multi-factor authentication, which is a defense in depth approach to security...

  • Multi Fibre Arrangement
    Multi Fibre Arrangement
    The Multi Fibre Arrangement governed the world trade in textiles and garments from 1974 through 2004, imposing quotas on the amount developing countries could export to developed countries. It expired on 1 January 2005....

    , a system of textile export quotas expired on January 1, 2005