List of Welsh language authors

List of Welsh language authors

For Welsh language poets prior to 1600, see List of Welsh language poets.


  • Richard Ithamar Aaron
    Richard Ithamar Aaron
    Richard Ithamar Aaron was a Welsh philosopher.-Early life and education:Born in Blaendulais, Glamorgan, Aaron was the son of a draper, William Aaron, and his wife, Margaret Griffith. He was educated at Ystalyfera Grammar School, followed by a spell at the University of Wales starting in 1918,...

  • William Ambrose (Emrys)
    William Ambrose (Emrys)
    William Ambrose , bardic name Emrys, was a 19th-century Welsh language poet born at Bangor, Caernarfonshire , north Wales. -References:...

  • Gwynn ap Gwilym
    Gwynn ap Gwilym
    Gwynn ap Gwilym is a Welsh language poet, novelist, editor and translator.He was born in Bangor but raised in Machynlleth, in Gwynedd, north-west Wales....

     (1950- )
  • Charles Ashton (1848–98)


  • Thomas Baddy (d. 1729)
  • William Ambrose Bebb
    William Ambrose Bebb
    William Ambrose Bebb was a Welsh-language writer, critic, scholar and politician.He was a member of the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru and in the 1945 General Election stood as the party's candidate in Caernarvonshire finishing third....

  • Hugh Bevan (1911–79)
  • Tom Beynon (1886–1961)
  • John Blackwell (Alun)
    John Blackwell (Alun)
    John Blackwell , who used the bardic name Alun, was a Welsh language poet, born near Mold, Flintshire, in north Wales. He was educated at Jesus College, Oxford.-External links:*...

  • Käte Bosse-Griffiths
    Käte Bosse-Griffiths
    Käte Bosse-Griffiths was a German born Egyptologist who after moving to Wales became a writer in the Welsh language.-Early history:...

  • Ben Bowen (1878–1903)
  • David James Bowen (1925- )
  • Euros Bowen
    Euros Bowen
    Euros Bowen was a Welsh language poet.Born in Treorchy, and a brother of the poet Geraint Bowen, he was educated in the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, and later at the University of Wales and Mansfield College, Oxford...

  • Geraint Bowen
    Geraint Bowen (poet)
    Geraint Bowen was a Welsh language poet.He was the nephew of Carmarthenshire minister David Bowen, and the brother of poet Euros Bowen. He was a Welsh nationalist, and during the Second World War was a conscientious objector, undertaking farming...

  • Hydwedd Boyer (1912–70)
  • Siôn Bradford
    Siôn Bradford
    Siôn Bradford was a Welsh language poet, from Betws, Tir Iarll, Glamorgan, in south Wales.Although a minor poet himself he is important as the poetic teacher of Edward Williams , and collaborated with him in his sometimes extravagant antiquarian researches.-References:....

  • Robert Bryan (1858–1920)


  • Rhys Cadwaladr
    Rhys Cadwaladr
    Rhys Cadwaladr was a Welsh language poet and classical scholar, born in Conwy, north Wales....

    Floruit , abbreviated fl. , is a Latin verb meaning "flourished", denoting the period of time during which something was active...

  • Siôn Cadwaladr (fl. 1760)
  • David Charles
    David Charles (hymn-writer)
    David Charles , was a Welsh hymn-writer.David Charles was born at Llanfihangel Abercowin in Carmarthenshire, the younger brother of the Methodist leader Thomas Charles "of Bala". Himself a Methodist minister, he helped to establish the "Home Mission", but was forced to retire in 1828 after...

  • Edward Charles (Siamas Gwynedd) (1757–1828)
  • Thomas Charles
    Thomas Charles
    Thomas Charles was a Welsh Nonconformist clergyman of considerable importance in the history of modern Wales.-Early life:...

  • Irma Chilton (1930–90)
  • Morys Clynnog (1525–81)
  • Siôn Conwy (d. 1606)
  • Richard Cynwal (d. 1634)


  • Edward Dafydd (Edward Bach) (fl. early 17th century)
  • John Dafydd (1727–1783)
  • Marged Dafydd (Meg Ellis) (1950- )
  • Morgan Dafydd (d. 1762)
  • Sian Melangell Dafydd (1977– )
  • Thomas Dafydd (fl. 1765-1792)
  • Aneirin Talfan Davies
    Aneirin Talfan Davies
    Aneirin Talfan Davies was a Welsh poet, broadcaster and literary critic.Talfan Davies was brought up in Gorseinon. During the 1930s Davies worked in London as a pharmacist before returning to Wales and settling in Swansea. He was the brother of Alun Talfan Davies, with whom he founded the...

  • Ben Davies (1864-1937)
  • Bryan Martin Davies (1933- )
  • Daniel John Davies (1885–1969)
  • David Davies (Dewi Emlyn) (1817–1888)
  • Edward Tegla Davies
    Edward Tegla Davies
    Edward Tegla Davies was a Methodist minister and a popular Welsh language writer, born at Llandegla-yn-Iâl, Denbighshire, north Wales....

  • Emyr Davies (1878–1950)
  • Evan Davies (Myfyr Morgannwg) (1801–1888)
  • Gareth Alban Davies
    Gareth Alban Davies
    Gareth Alban Davies , was a Welsh poet, educator and Hispanist who spent the largest span of his academic career lecturing at the University of Leeds...

  • James Eirian Davies (1918- )
  • James Kitchener Davies
    James Kitchener Davies
    James Kitchener Davies , also known as J. Kitchener Davies, was a Welsh poet and playwright who wrote mostly in the Welsh language...

  • John Davies (Dr John Davies, Mallwyd) (c. 1567-1644)
  • John Davies (Brychan) (1784?-1864)
  • John Davies (Ossian Gwent) (1839–1892)
  • John Cadvan Davies
    John Cadvan Davies
    John Cadvan Davies 1846 – 1923 was a Wesleyan Methodist Minister and a Welsh poet who served as Archdruid. He is better known in Wales by his bardic name Cadfan -Early Life:...

  • John Glyn Davies (1870–1953)
  • John Humphreys Davies
    John Humphreys Davies
    John Humphreys Davies was a Welsh lawyer, bibliographer and educator.Born at Llangeitho, Ceredigion, he received his education at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and Lincoln College, Oxford, before being called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn. His interest in Welsh literature is...

  • Lewis Davies (1863–1951)
  • Pennar Davies
    Pennar Davies
    William Thomas Pennar Davies was a Welsh clergyman and author.Born simply William Thomas Davies, in Mountain Ash , the son of a miner, he took the name "Pennar" "as a sign of his identification with the native culture of Wales"...

  • Richard Davies (1501?-1581)
  • Richard Davies (Mynyddog)
    Richard Davies (Mynyddog)
    Richard Davies was a popular Welsh language poet.He was born in Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, in a house called "Y Fron"....

  • Robert Davies (Bardd Nantglyn) (1769–1835)
  • Thomas Glynne Davies (1926–1988)
  • Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain) (1761–1849)
  • William Davies (Gwilym Teilo) (1831–1892)
  • David Davies (Dafis Castellhywel) (1745–1827)
  • Robert Jones Derfel
    Robert Jones Derfel
    Robert Jones Derfel was a Welsh poet and political writer.He was born Robert Jones on a farm in Merionethshire and became a travelling salesman employed by a Manchester firm. He also became a Baptist preacher. With John Ceiriog Hughes and two other Welshmen, he formed a literary society in...



  • Aled Eames (1921- )
  • Marion Eames
    Marion Eames
    Marion Eames was a Welsh novelist.Marion was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, of Welsh parents, but was brought up at Dolgellau from the age of 4, where she attended Dr Williams's School...

  • Charles Edwards (1628-1691?)
  • David Miall Edwards (1873–1941)
  • Huw Lloyd Edwards (1916–1975)
  • Hywel Teifi Edwards
    Hywel Teifi Edwards
    Hywel Teifi Edwards , was a Welsh academic and historian, a prominent Welsh nationalist, a broadcaster and an author in the Welsh language. He was the father of the BBC journalist Huw Edwards....

     (1934- )
  • Jane Edwards (1938- )
  • Jenkin Morgan Edwards (1903–1978)
  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards was a Welsh educator and Nonconformist minister.He was born in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr in Ceredigion, Wales, and educated at Aberystwyth and at Llangeitho. He then ran schools in both these places...

  • Owen Morgan Edwards
    Owen Morgan Edwards
    Owen Morgan Edwards was a Welsh historian, educationalist and writer. He is often known as O. M. Edwards....

  • Roger Edwards
    Roger Edwards (Calvinist)
    Roger Edwards D.D. was a Welsh Calvinistic methodist.Edwards was born in 1811, the year in which the Calvinistic methodists first assumed the power to ordain their own ministers; and he grew up amid the controversy over Calvin's five great points Ebenezer Morris, John Elias, etc., were then...

  • Thomas Edwards (Twm o'r Nant) (1738–1810)
  • William Edwards (Gwilym Callestr) (1790–1855)
  • William Thomas Edwards (Gwilym Deudraeth) (1863–1940)
  • John Elias
    John Elias
    John Elias was a Christian preacher in Wales in the first half of the 19th century, as part of the Welsh Methodist revival. His preaching was noted as being exceptionally powerful, "as if talking fire down from heaven". On one occasion it is said he preached to a crowd of 10,000 people. He was a...

  • John Roose Elias (1819–1881)
  • Islwyn Ffowc Elis
    Islwyn Ffowc Elis
    Islwyn Ffowc Elis was one of Wales's most popular Welsh-language writers.Born Islwyn Ffoulkes Ellis in Wrexham, Elis was educated at the University of Wales colleges of Bangor and Aberystwyth. During World War II he was a conscientious objector and he began writing poetry and prose, winning the...

  • David Elis (1736–1795)
  • Robert Elis (Cynddelw) (1812–1875)
  • Thomas Iorwerth Ellis
    Thomas Iorwerth Ellis
    Thomas Iorwerth Ellis OBE was a Welsh classicist, who wrote many books on Welsh literature and Welshmen, , including a biography of his father, Thomas Edward Ellis.-Life:...

  • John Emyr (1950- )
  • Edward Evan (1716–1798)
  • Beriah Gwynfe Evans
    Beriah Gwynfe Evans
    Beriah Gwynfe Evans , was a journalist, Congregationalist, dramatist, Liberal politician and Welsh Nationalist.- Early life :...

  • Christmas Evans
    Christmas Evans
    Christmas Evans was a Welsh Nonconformist minister, regarded as one of the greatest preachers in the history of Wales....

  • Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion)
    Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion)
    Daniel Evans , better known by his pseudonym, Daniel Ddu o Geredigion, was a Welsh language poet.- Life :Evans was born at Maesymynach, a farm in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad, Cardiganshire. He was the second of three sons born to a farmer, David Evans...

  • Daniel Silvan Evans
    Daniel Silvan Evans
    Daniel Silvan Evans was a Welsh scholar and lexicographer.He was born at Fron Wilym Uchaf, Llanarth, Ceredigion. Having started to preach to the Independent congregation of which he was a member, Evans decided at a relatively young age, to train for the ministry...

  • Daniel Simon Evans (1921- )
  • David Emrys Evans (1891–1966)
  • Donald Evans (Welsh poet)
    Donald Evans (Welsh poet)
    Donald Evans is a Welsh poet, who writes in the Welsh language.Evans comes from Talgarreg in Ceredigion. Between 1966 and 1972 he produced the periodical Y Cardi. He won the "double" of crown and chair twice, once at the 1977 National Eisteddfod of Wales and again in 1980. In 2006 he was awarded...

     (1940- )
  • Einion Evans (1926- )
  • Ellis Humphrey Evans (Hedd Wyn)
    Hedd Wyn
    Hedd Wyn was a Welsh language poet who was killed during the Battle of Passchendaele in World War I. He was posthumously awarded the bard's chair at the 1917 National Eisteddfod...

  • Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) (Ieuan Bryddydd Hir) (1731–1788)
  • Evan Evans (Ieuan Glan Geirionydd) (1795–1855)
  • Evan Gwyndaf Evans (1913–1986)
  • Evan Keri Evans (1860–1941)
  • Gwynfor Evans
    Gwynfor Evans
    Dr Richard Gwynfor Evans , was a Welsh politician, lawyer and author. President of Plaid Cymru for thirty six years, he was the first Member of Parliament to represent Plaid Cymru at Westminster ....

  • Hugh Evans (1854–1934)
  • John Evans (I.D. Ffraid) (1814–1875)
  • John Evans (Y Bardd Cocos) (1826–1888)
  • John Roberts Evans (1914–1982)
  • Trebor Lloyd Evans (1909–1979)
  • Tudor Wilson Evans (1928- )
  • Theophilus Evans
    Theophilus Evans
    Theophilus Evans was a Welsh clergyman and historian.Originally from Cardiganshire, Evans served curacies in Brecknockshire and incumbencies in both counties...

  • Thomas Evans (Tomos Glyn Cothi) (1764–1833)
  • Thomas Christopher Evans (1846–1918)
  • William Evans (Wil Ifan)
    William Evans (Wil Ifan)
    William Evans , better known by his bardic name of Wil Ifan, was a Welsh poet who served as Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1947 to 1950....

  • Albert Evans-Jones
    Albert Evans-Jones
    Sir Cynan Evans-Jones CBE , more commonly known within Wales by his bardic name of Cynan, was a Welsh poet and dramatist.-Early life:...

     (Cynan) (1895–1970)


  • George Fisher (1909-1970)
  • Isaac Foulkes (1836–1904)
  • Benjamin Francis (1734–1799)


  • William Richard Philip George (1912–2006)
  • John Griffith (Y Gohebydd) (1821–1877)
  • Owen Griffith (Ywain Meirion) (1803–1868)
  • Robert Arthur Griffith (Elphin) (1860–1936)
  • William John Griffith (1875–1931)
  • Ann Griffiths (1776–1805)
  • John Gwyn Griffiths
    J. Gwyn Griffiths
    John Gwyn Griffiths , was a Welsh poet, Egyptologist and nationalist political activist who spent the largest span of his career lecturing at Swansea University.-Early history:...

  • Elis Gruffydd
    Elis Gruffydd
    Elis Gruffydd was born in 1490 in Upper Gronant in the parish of Llanasa, Flintshire. More famously known as “The soldier of Calais”, he was a Welsh chronicler, transcriber, and translator...

  • Ifan Gruffydd (1896–1971)
  • Owen Gruffydd (c. 1643-1730)
  • Robert Geraint Gruffydd
    R. Geraint Gruffydd
    Professor Emeritus R. Geraint Gruffydd , MA DPhil DLitt FLSW FBA is a scholar of Welsh language and literature. He is a graduate of Bangor University and Jesus College, Oxford He commenced his studies at Oxford in 1948...

     (1928- )
  • William John Gruffydd
    William John Gruffydd
    Professor William John Gruffydd was a Welsh academic, poet, writer, and politician.-Family and Education:...

  • William John Gruffydd (Elerydd) (1916- )
  • Bethan Gwanas
    Bethan Gwanas
    Bethan Gwanas is a popular contemporary Welsh author, who publishes exclusively in the Welsh language. A prolific writer, she has had 17 titles published in the last decade...

     (1962- )
  • Richard Gwyn (Richard White) (c. 1557-84)
  • Robert Gwyn (c. 1540/50-1592/1604)
  • Harri Gwynn (1913–1985)


  • Joseph Harris (Gomer)
    Joseph Harris (Gomer)
    Joseph Harris was a Welsh Baptist minister, author, and journal editor. A Welsh language poet, he took the Biblical name of Gomer as his bardic name. On 1 January 1814 he launched the first Welsh-language weekly Seren Gomer in Swansea.Gomer was born on a farm in Wolf's Castle, Pembrokeshire...

  • Robert Holland (c. 1556/7-1622?)
  • Isaac Daniel Hooson
    Isaac Daniel Hooson
    Isaac Daniel Hooson , or I. D. Hooson as he was commonly known, solicitor and poet was born in Victoria House, Market St. in the village of Rhosllannerchrugog, Denbighshire, Wales....

  • Lewis Hopkin (1708–1771)
  • Benjamin Thomas Hopkins (1897–1981)
  • Mererid Hopwood
    Mererid Hopwood
    Mererid Hopwood is a Welsh poet who made history in 2001 by becoming the first woman ever to win the bardic Chair at the National Eisteddfod of Wales....

  • Thomas Hudson-Williams (1873–1961)
  • Annie Harriet Hughes (Gwyneth Vaughan) (1852–1910)
  • Beti Hughes (1926–1981)
  • Gwilym Rhys Hughes (1930- )
  • Gwilym Thomas Hughes (1895–1978)
  • Hugh Brython Hughes (1843–1913)
  • Hugh Hughes (Y Bardd Coch o Fôn) (1693–1776)
  • Hugh Derfel Hughes (1816–1890)
  • Isaac Hughes (Craigfryn) (1852–1928)
  • Jane Hughes (Deborah Maldwyn) (1811-80?)
  • John Hughes (author) (1775–1854)
  • John Ceiriog Hughes
    John Ceiriog Hughes
    John Ceiriog Hughes , was a Welsh poet and well-known collector of Welsh folk tunes. Sometimes referred to as the "Robert Burns of Wales"...

  • John Gruffydd Moelwyn Hughes (1866–1944)
  • Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes (poet)
    Jonathan Hughes was a Welsh poet.He was born at Pengwern near Llangollen. His work was mainly in the cynghanedd form, and was intended to be sung...

  • Mathonwy Hughes (1901-****)
  • Richard Hughes (d. 1618)
  • Richard Cyril Hughes
    Richard Cyril Hughes
    Richard Cyril Hughes is a Welsh historian.Hughes was born in Anglesey. He started his career as a teacher of Welsh at Grove Park School in Wrexham before moving to Bangor Normal College to lecture in education...

     (1932- )
  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes is the name of:* Stephen Hughes , head lecturer in physics at Queensland University of Technology in Australia* Stephen Hughes , British MEP for North East England...

  • Thomas Rowland Hughes
    Thomas Rowland Hughes
    Thomas Rowland Hughes , was a Welsh novelist, dramatist and poet He was the son of a quarryman from Llanberis, Caernarvonshire , in northern Wales...

  • Edward Morgan Humphreys (1882–1955)
  • Humphrey Humphreys
    Humphrey Humphreys
    Humphrey Humphreys was successively bishop of Bangor and of Hereford .-Life:He was educated at Jesus College, Oxford and was later a Fellow of the college. A patron of Welsh literature, genealogical research and of the then newly-formed Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge...



  • Daniel James (Gwyrosydd)
    Daniel James (Gwyrosydd)
    Daniel James , also known by his bardic name of Gwyrosydd, was a Welsh poet and hymn-writer, best known for writing the words to the popular hymn, "Calon Lân".-Early life:Daniel James came from Treboeth in Swansea...

  • David Emrys James (Dewi Emrys) (1881–1952)
  • Edward James
    Edward James
    Edward William Frank James was a British poet known for his patronage of the surrealist art movement.-Early life and marriage:...

  • Evan James (Ieuan ap Iago) (1809–1878)
  • James Spinther James (1837–1914)
  • John Jenkin (Ioan Siengcin) (1716–1796)
  • Dafydd Jenkins (1911- )
  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins (librarian)
    David Jenkins CBE was the Librarian of the National Library of Wales from 1969 to 1979 and author of an official history of the library.- Biography :...

     (1912- )
  • Geraint Huw Jenkins (1946- )
  • John Jenkins (Gwili)
    John Jenkins (Gwili)
    John Jenkins , known by his bardic name of Gwili, was a Welsh poet and theologian, and served as Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1932 to 1936.-Early life and education:...

  • Joseph Jenkins
    Joseph Jenkins
    Joseph Jenkins , was an educated tenant farmer from Tregaron, Ceredigion, mid-Wales who, when aged over 50, suddenly deserted his home and large family to seek his fortune in Australia...

  • Robert Thomas Jenkins
    Robert Thomas Jenkins
    Robert Thomas Jenkins CBE was a Welsh historian and academic.-Life:Jenkins was born on 31 August 1881 in Liverpool. He moved with his family to Bangor, Gwynedd when his father was appointed clerk to the registrar of the newly-established University College of North Wales...

  • John Thomas Job
    John Thomas Job
    John Thomas Job , was a Welsh minister, hymn-writer and poet.He was born at Llandybie in Carmarthenshire, and educated locally. He went on to Trefeca College to train as a Methodist minister. In 1894, he married Etta Davies, and they had three children...

  • Abel Jones (Y Bardd Crwst) (1829–1901)
  • Alice Gray Jones (Ceridwen Peris) (1852–1943)
  • Alun Jones (1946- )
  • Alun Jeremiah Jones (Alun Cilie) (1897–1975)
  • Bedwyr Lewis Jones
    Bedwyr Lewis Jones
    Bedwyr Lewis Jones was a Welsh scholar, literary critic and linguist, born in Wrexham, Denbighshire but raised in Llaneilian on Ynys Môn, north Wales. He was educated at Jesus College, Oxford, matriculating in 1956.-Works:...

  • Dafydd Jones (Dafydd Jones o Drefriw) (1708-1785)
  • Dafydd Jones (hymn writer) (1711–1777)
  • Dafydd Jones (Dewi Dywyll) (1803–1868)
  • Dafydd Jones (Isfoel) (1881–1968)
  • Dafydd Jones (poet) (1907- )
  • David James Jones (Gwenallt)
    D. Gwenallt Jones
    Gwenallt , poet, critic, and scholar, was one of the most important figures of 20th-century Welsh-language literature.-Early life:...

  • David Richard Jones (1832–1916)
  • David Watkin Jones (Dafydd Morgannwg) (1832–1905)
  • Dyfed Glyn Jones (1939- )
  • Edward Jones (hymn writer) (1761–1836)
  • Einir Jones (1950- )
  • Elias Jones (Cocos-fardd y De) (fl. second half 19th century)
  • Elizabeth Mary Jones (Moelona) (1878–1953)
  • Elizabeth Watkin-Jones
    Elizabeth Watkin-Jones
    Elizabeth Watkin-Jones was a Welsh children's book author, who wrote in the Welsh language.-Life history:Watkin-Jones was born in Nefyn, Caernarfonshire as Elizabeth Parry, the only daughter of Jane and Henry Parry. Henry Parry was a sea captain who drowned in Iquique harbour in Chile without...

  • Emyr Jones (1914- )
  • Evan Pan Jones (1834–1922)
  • Frank Price Jones (1920–1975)
  • Geraint Vaughan Jones (1904- )
  • Gerallt Jones (1907–1984)
  • Gwilym Meredydd Jones (1920–1992)
  • Gwilym Richard Jones (1903–1993)
  • Gwyn Erfyl Jones (1924- )
  • Harri Pritchard Jones (1933- )
  • Hugh Jones (1749–1825)
  • Idwal Jones (playwright) (1895–1937)
  • John Jones (Jac Glan-y-gors)
    John Jones (Jac Glan-y-gors)
    John Jones , better known by his bardic name Jac Glan-y-gors, was a Welsh language satirical poet and radical pamphleteer, born in Cerrigydrudion, Denbighshire, north Wales....

  • John Jones (Ioan Tegid) (1792–1852)
  • John Jones (Talhaiarn)
    John Jones (Talhaiarn)
    John Jones , known by his bardic name of Talhaiarn, was a Welsh poet and architect.He was born at the Harp Inn in Llanfair Talhaearn, Denbighshire. Apprenticed to an architect, he served with ecclesiastical architects in London, and was employed by Sir Joseph Paxton to oversee the building of the...

  • John Jones (Mathetes) (1821–1878)
  • John Jones (Myrddin Fardd)
    John Jones (Myrddin Fardd)
    John Jones , better known under his nom de plume Myrddin Fardd, was a Welsh writer and antiquarian scholar born in Llangїan, Caernarfonshire....

  • John Gwilym Jones (1904–1988)
  • John Puleston Jones (1862–1925)
  • John Richard Jones (1765-1822) (1765–1822)
  • John Richard Jones (1923- ) (1923- )
  • John Robert Jones
    John Robert Jones
    John Robert Jones , was a Welsh philosopher.He was born in Pwllheli, and went to school there before going on to study philosophy at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He went on to take his D.Phil. at Balliol College, Oxford...

  • John Tudor Jones (John Eilian) (1904–1985)
  • John William Jones (Andronicus) (1842–1895)
  • Lewis Jones (Patagonia)
    Lewis Jones (Patagonia)
    Lewis Jones was one of the founders of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia. The city of Trelew was named after him....

  • Morus Jones (Morus Cyfannedd) (1895–1982)
  • Moses Glyn Jones (1913- )
  • Nathaniel Cynhafal Jones (1832–1905)
  • Nesta Wyn Jones (1946- )
  • Owen Jones (Meudwy Môn) (1806–1889)
  • Owen Wynne Jones (Glasynys) (1828–1870)
  • Peter Jones (Pedr Fardd) (1775–1845)
  • Rees Jones (Amnon) (1797–1844)
  • Richard Jones (Cymro Gwyllt) (1772–1833)
  • Richard Goodman Jones (Dic Goodman) (1920- )
  • Richard Lewis Jones (Dic Jones) (1934- )
  • Robert Jones (1745-1829) (1745–1829)
  • Robert Jones (1806-1896) (1806–1906)
  • Robert Ambrose Jones (Emrys ap Iwan)
    Emrys ap Iwan
    Emrys Ap-Iwan , was born Robert Ambrose Jones in Abergele, Conwy . He was a literary critic and writer on politics and religion. He is often seen as one of the most important forerunners of modern Welsh nationalism.Emrys was the son of a gardener who was employed on a nearby estate...

  • Robert Gerallt Jones (1934- )
  • Robert Isaac Jones (Alltud Eifion) (1815–1905)
  • Robert Lloyd Jones (1878–1962)
  • Robert Maynard Jones (Bobi Jones) (1929- )
  • Robert Tudur Jones (1921- )
  • Roger Jones
    Roger Jones
    Roger L. Jones is an American mathematician.He has his Ph.D. in mathematics from Rutgers University and has recently retired from a professorship in mathematics at DePaul University in Chicago. There he taught everything from remedial math to graduate-level courses...

  • Rowland Jones (Rolant o Fôn) (1909–1962)
  • Rhiannon Davies Jones (1921- )
  • Rhydderch Jones (1935–1987)
  • Rhys Jones (o'r Blaenau) (1718–1802)
  • Thomas Jones (Dinbych) (1756–1820)
  • Thomas Jones (1860-1932) (1860–1932)
  • Thomas Jones (1910-1972) (1910–1972)
  • Thomas Gwynn Jones
    Thomas Gwynn Jones
    Thomas Gwynn Jones or T. Gwynn Jones was a leading Welsh poet, scholar, literary critic, novelist, translator, and journalist who did important work in Welsh literature, Welsh education, and the study of Welsh folk tales in the first half of the twentieth century...

  • Thomas Llewelyn Jones
    T. Llew Jones
    Thomas Llewelyn Jones was a Welsh language writer who, over a writing career of more than 50 years, was one of the most prolific and popular authors of children's books in Welsh. He wrote, and was generally known, as T. Llew Jones.- Biography :T. Llew Jones was born at 1 Bwlch Melyn, Pentrecwrt,...

     (1915- )
  • Tom Parri Jones (1905–1980)
  • William Jones (1764-1822) (1764–1822)
  • William Jones (Ehedydd Iâl) (1815–1899)
  • William Jones (1896-1961) (1896–1961)
  • William Ellis Jones (Cawrdaf) (1795–1848)
  • William John Jones (1928- )
  • William Morgan Jones (1864–1945)
  • William Samuel Jones (Wil Sam) (1920- )


  • John Langford
    John Langford
    John Langford may refer to:*John Langford , president of Aurora Flight Sciences*John Langford , senior researcher at Yahoo! Research*John Langford , Australian rugby union player-See also:...

  • Thomas Levi (1825–1916)
  • Alun Lewis
    Alun Lewis
    Alun Lewis , was a poet of the Anglo-Welsh school, and is regarded by many as Britain's finest Second World War poet.- Education :...

  • Alun Tudor Lewis (1905–1986)
  • Elis Lewis (fl. 1640-1669)
  • George Lewis
    George Lewis
    George Lewis may refer to:*George Lowys or Lewis , mayor of Winchelsea*George Lewis , track and field athlete from Trinidad and Tobago*George Lewis , New Orleans jazz clarinettist...

  • Gwyneth Lewis
    Gwyneth Lewis
    Gwyneth Lewis is a Welsh poet, and was the first National Poet for Wales.-Biography:Born into a Welsh speaking family, Lewis's father started teaching her English when her mother went into hospital to give birth to her sister....

  • Henry Lewis (1889-1968)
  • Howell Elvet Lewis (Elfed) (1860–1953)
  • Hugh Lewis (1562–1634)
  • Hywel David Lewis (1910- )
  • Lewis Haydn Lewis (1903–1985)
  • Lewis William Lewis (1831–1901)
  • Robyn Lewis (1929- )
  • Saunders Lewis
    Saunders Lewis
    Saunders Lewis was a Welsh poet, dramatist, historian, literary critic, and political activist. He was a prominent Welsh nationalist and a founder of the Welsh National Party...

  • Thomas Lewis (1759–1842)
  • Timothy Lewis (1877–1958)
  • William Lewis (fl. 1786-1794)
  • William Robert Lewis (1948- )
  • Gweneth Lilly (1920- )


  • Gwyn Llewellyn (1940- )
  • David Myrddin Lloyd (1909–1981)
  • David Tecwyn Lloyd (1914–1992)
  • Iorwerth Hefin Lloyd (Talfryn) (1920–1986)
  • John Selwyn Lloyd (1931- )
  • John Lloyd-Jones
    John Lloyd-Jones
    John Lloyd-Jones was the first Professor of Welsh at the National University of Ireland, Dublin, working in Dublin for over 40 years...

  • Alan Llwyd
    Alan Llwyd
    Alan Llwyd , original name Alan Lloyd Roberts, is a Welsh poet, literary critic and editor, one of the most prolific Welsh-language poets in the last quarter of the 20th century....

     (1948- )
  • Angharad Llwyd
    Angharad Llwyd
    Angharad Llwyd was a Welsh antiquary and a prizewinner at the National Eisteddfod of Wales.She was born at Caerwys in Flintshire, the daughter of Rev. John Lloyd, himself a noted antiquary. Her essay entitled Catalogue of Welsh Manuscripts, etc. in North Wales won a prize at the Welshpool...

  • Morgan Llwyd
    Morgan Llwyd
    Morgan Llwyd , was a Welsh Puritan preacher, poet and prose writer.- Biography :...

  • Alun Llywelyn-Williams (1913–1988)
  • Robin Llywelyn
    Robin Llywelyn
    Robin Llywelyn is a Welsh novelist, writing in both Welsh and English. His works include From Empty Harbour to White Ocean, winner of the National Eisteddfod Prose Medal...


  • Judith Maro (1927- )
  • Zechariah Mathers (1843–1934)
  • Abraham Mathews (1832–1899)
  • Edward Mathews (1813–1892)
  • Hugh Maurice (1755?-1825)
  • Wiliam Midleton
    Wiliam Midleton
    Wiliam Midleton was a Welsh language poet.He was born into a prosperous family that had been the patrons of poets. He learnt the craft of Welsh bardic poets and around 1594 he wrote Bardhoniaeth, neu brydydhiaeth which he intended to act as an aid to others who wished to practise the craft.In 1595...

     (fl. 1550-1600)
  • Gareth Miles (1938- )
  • John Mills (Ieuan Glan Alarch) (1812–1873)
  • Derec Llwyd Morgan
    Derec Llwyd Morgan
    Derec Llwyd Morgan is a Welsh academic who is a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.-Life:Morgan was educated at Amman Valley Grammar School, Carmarthenshire, Wales before studying at the University College of North Wales, Bangor for a Bachelor of Arts degree...

     (1943- )
  • Dyfnallt Morgan (1917- )
  • Elena Puw Morgan (1900–1973)
  • Eluned Morgan
    Eluned Morgan (author)
    Eluned Morgan , was a Welsh-language author from Patagonia.Born aboard the ship Myfanwy en route from Britain to Patagonia in South America, she was the daughter of Lewis Jones who gave his name to the city of Trelew, in Argentina...

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan (poet)
    John Morgan was a Welsh clergyman, scholar and poet.-Life:...

  • John James Morgan (1870–1954)
  • Prys Morgan
    Prys Morgan
    Prys Morgan FRHistS FSA FLSW is a Welsh historian.He was born in Cardiff, the son of academic T. J. Morgan. Like his brother, Rhodri Morgan, Prys Morgan was educated at Whitchurch Grammar School and St John's College, Oxford. He then joined the teaching staff of the University of Wales, Swansea,...

     (1937- )
  • Rhys Morgan
    Rhys Morgan
    Rhys Morgan, while aged 15 and still at high school, was one of the people involved in the toxicity of an unproven treatment known as Miracle Mineral Supplement....

  • Thomas John Morgan (1907–1986)
  • William Morgan (bishop) (1545–1604)
  • William Morgan (Gwilym Gellideg) (1808–1878)
  • Dafydd Morris (1744–1791)
  • Lewis Morris (Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn)
    Lewis Morris (1701-1765)
    Lewis Morris was a Welsh hydrographer, antiquary, poet and lexicographer, the eldest of the Morris brothers of Anglesey....

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris (folklorist)
    Richard Morris was a Welsh folklorist, a younger brother of Lewis Morris.Morris was born in Anglesey, one of four notable brothers whose surviving correspondence is a valuable record of the time. He went to work in London as a clerk and court interpreter. In 1757, he became Chief Clerk to the...

  • William Morris, Blaenau Ffestiniog (1889–1979)
  • William Morris (brother of Lewis Morris) (1705–1763)
  • John Morris-Jones
    John Morris-Jones
    Sir John Morris-Jones was a Welsh grammarian, academic and poet.He was born at Llandrygarn, Anglesey and educated at Friars School, Bangor. Whilst at Jesus College, Oxford, Morris-Jones co-founded the Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym...

  • Huw Morris (Eos Ceiriog) (1622–1709)


  • James Nicholas (1928- )
  • Thomas Evan Nicholas (Niclas y Glais)
    Thomas Evan Nicholas (Niclas y Glais)
    Thomas Evan Nicholas ,was a Welsh language poet, preacher, radical, and champion of the disadvantaged of society....

  • William Rhys Nicholas (1914- )


  • Owain Owain
    Owain Owain
    Owain Owain was a Welsh novelist, short story writer and poet. He also founded Tafod y Ddraig which became the Welsh Language Society's main voice from its birth in the 1960s to the present day....

  • Robin Llwyd ab Owain
    Robin Llwyd ab Owain
    Robin Llwyd ab Owain is an author and national award winning poet. He won the chair at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1991 at Mold for a poem titled "The Girl of Our Times". The poem was described by one of the adjudicators as cutting new ground...

  • Owain Llewelyn Owain (1878–1956)
  • Dafydd Owen (1919- )
  • Daniel Owen
    Daniel Owen
    Daniel Owen was a Welsh novelist, generally regarded as the foremost Welsh-language novelist of the 19th century.-Early life:...

  • David Owen (Dewi Wyn o Eifion)
    David Owen (Dewi Wyn o Eifion)
    David Owen was a Welsh poet and farmer. He is noted for developing the awdl and englyn. A quarrel over an award, between him and members of the Gwyneddigion Society, led to him largely give up poetry in 1823. Although he did compose in 1832. He had long been drawn to the Baptists faith and...

  • David Owen (Brutus)
    David Owen (Brutus)
    David Owen David Owen David Owen (?December 1796 - 16 January 1866, known by the pseudonym Brutus, was a Welsh satirical writer, editor and preacher.He was born in Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire where he was brought up as a Congregationalist. Thereafter he spent periods of time in other parts...

  • Dyddgu Owen (1906–1992)
  • Ellis Owen (1789–1868)
  • Geraint Dyfnallt Owen (1908- )
  • Gerallt Lloyd Owen
    Gerallt Lloyd Owen
    Gerallt Lloyd Owen is considered one of the best "strict metre poets" in Wales. He began as a "political poet" in the 1960s, often using Medieval forms or imagery for purposes of Welsh nationalism. His political works at times satirized the failings of the Welsh people, or Welsh history, rather...

     (1944- )
  • Goronwy Owen (Goronwy Ddu o Fôn)
    Goronwy Owen (poet)
    Goronwy Owen was one of the 18th century's greatest Welsh poets. He mastered the traditional bardic metres and, although forced by circumstances to be an exile, played an important role in the literary and antiquarian movement in Wales often described as the Welsh Eighteenth Century Renaissance...

  • Hugh Owen (the elder) (1572–1642)
  • Hugh Owen (the younger) (1615–1686)
  • Jeremy Owen (fl. 1704-1744)
  • John Owen, Machynlleth (1757–1829)
  • John Dyfnallt Owen (Dyfnallt) (1873–1956)
  • Mary Owen (1796–1875)
  • Mathew Owen (1631–1679)
  • Owen Griffith Owen (Alafon) (1847–1916)
  • William Owen (novelist) (1890–1964)
  • William David Owen
    William David Owen
    William David Owen born as William Owen was a Welsh author best known for his novel 'Madam Wen' [White Lady] which was published in book form in 1925, although it had first appeared as a serial in the pages of the Welsh language newspaper 'y Genedl Gymraeg' [The Welsh Nation] in 1914.The first...

  • William Owen Pughe
    William Owen Pughe
    William Owen Pughe was a Welsh antiquarian and grammarian best known for his Welsh and English Dictionary, published in 1803, but also known for his grammar books and 'Pughisms' ....



  • Dafydd Parri (1926- )
  • Edward Parry
    Edward Parry
    Admiral Sir William Edward Parry KCB was an officer of the Royal Navy and the Royal Indian Navy.During World War II, he served in the New Zealand Division commanding HMS Achilles at the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939...

  • Gwenlyn Parry
    Gwenlyn Parry
    Gwenlyn Parry was a Welsh dramatist.Gwenlyn Parry was born in the Welsh slate-quarrying village of Deiniolen, Caernarfonshire and died in the Cardiff area of south Wales...

  • James Rhys Parry (Eos Eyas) (c.1570-1625)
  • John Parry
    John Parry (Bardd Alaw)
    John Parry , commonly known by his bardic name "Bardd Alaw", was a Welsh harpist and composer.-Biography:Parry was born in Denbigh, in northern Wales, the son of a stonemason...

  • Robert Williams Parry (1884–1956)
  • Thomas Parry
    Thomas Parry (author)
    Sir Thomas Parry was a Welsh author and Academic. He was Librarian of the National Library of Wales from 1953 to 1958, and Principal of the University College of Wales Aberystwyth from 1958 to 1969. The Thomas Parry Library located on Aberystwyth University's Llanbadarn Campus was named in his...

  • Winnie Parry (1870–1953)
  • Thomas Herbert Parry-Williams (1887–1975)
  • Ffransis George Payne (1900–1992)
  • Iorwerth Cyfeiliog Peate (1901–1982)
  • Meirion Pennar
    Meirion Pennar
    Dr Meirion Pennar was a Welsh poet and academic, who translated two works of Welsh language literature.-Early life:Born in Cardiff, he was the eldest of five children born to theologian and writer, Dr Pennar Davies...

  • Henri Perri (1560/1-1617)
  • Ellis Pierce (Elis o'r Nant) (1841–1912)
  • John Pierce (1890–1955)
  • Michael Povey (1950- )
  • John Price (1502–1555)
  • Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc)
    Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc)
    Reverend Thomas Price was a historian and a major Welsh literary figure of the early 19th century....

  • Caradog Prichard
    Caradog Prichard
    Caradog Prichard was a Welsh poet and novelist writing in Welsh. His daughter, Mari Prichard, was married to the late Humphrey Carpenter....

  • Catherine Prichard (Buddug) (1842–1909)
  • Evan Prichard (Ieuan Lleyn) (1769–1832)
  • Rhys Prichard (Yr Hen Ficer) (1579–1644)
  • Marged Pritchard (1919- )
  • Edmwnd Prys (1543/4-1623)
  • John Robert Pryse (Golyddan) (1840–1862)
  • Robert John Pryse (Gweirydd ap Rhys) (1807–1889)
  • Gwilym Puw (c.1618-c.1689)


  • Daniel Rees (1855–1931)
  • Evan Rees (Dyfed)
    Evan Rees (Dyfed)
    Evan Rees , known by the bardic name Dyfed, was a Calvinistic Methodist minister, poet, and Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales.-Early life:...

  • Ioan Bowen Rees (1929- )
  • John Roderick Rees (1920- )
  • Sarah Jane Rees (Cranogwen) (1839–1916)
  • Thomas Rees
    Thomas Rees (Congregational minister)
    Thomas Rees was a native of Pci Pontbren, Carmarthenshire who held pastorates at Aberdare , Llanelli , Cendl , Mon. and Swansea and became chairman of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, but died just before his term of office was to begin. He published the History of Protestant...

  • Thomas Ifor Rees
    Thomas Ifor Rees
    Thomas Ifor Rees was a Welsh diplomat, author and translator, born at 'Bronceiro' near the hamlet of Rhydypennau in Ceredigion in Wales.Rees served as British Ambassador to Bolivia up to his retirement in 1949....

  • William Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog)
    William Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog)
    The Rev. William Rees , usually known in Wales by his bardic name of Gwilym Hiraethog, was a Welsh poet and author, one of the major figures of Welsh literature during the 19th century....

  • Brinley Richards (1904-1981)
    Brinley Richards (1904-1981)
    Brinley Richards was a Welsh language poet and author, who was Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1972 to 1975....

  • David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr)
    David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr)
    David Richards , better-known by his bardic name Dafydd Ionawr, was a Welsh-language poet, born near Tywyn in Gwynedd, north-west Wales....

  • Melville Richards (1910–1973)
  • Richard Richards
    Richard Richards
    Richard Richards may refer to:* Richard Richards of Utah, Republican Candidate for US Representative from Utah 1st District; Chairman of Republican National Committee* Richard N...

    (fl. 1838-1868)
  • Thomas Richards (historian)
    Thomas Richards (historian)
    Thomas Richards, MA, D.Litt, F.R.Hist.S was a Welsh historian, author and librarian.Richards was born at Tal-y-bont, Cardiganshire, and was nicknamed "Doctor Tom"...

  • Thomas Richards (poet) (1883–1958)
  • Thomas Richards (playwright) (1909- )
  • William Leslie Richards (1916–1989)
  • Gruffydd Robert (before 1532-after 1598)
  • Absalom Roberts (1780?-1864)
  • Brynley Francis Roberts (1931- )
  • David Roberts (Dewi Havhesp) (1831–1884)
  • Edward Roberts (Iorwerth Glan Aled) (1819–1867)
  • Eigra Lewis Roberts (1939- )
  • Elis Roberts (Elis y Cowper) (m.1789)
  • Ellis Roberts (Elis Wyn o Wyrfai) (1827–1895)
  • Emrys Roberts
    Emrys Roberts
    Emrys Owen Roberts was a Welsh Liberal politician and businessman.-Education & early career:Emrys Roberts was born at Caernarfon and educated at Caernarfon Grammar School, at University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he gained a law degree, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and the...

     (1929- )
  • Enid Pierce Roberts (1917-2010)
  • Gomer Morgan Roberts (1904- )
  • Griffith John Roberts (1912–1969)
  • John Roberts (Siôn Robert Lewis) (1731–1806)
  • John John Roberts (Iolo Carnarvon) (1840–1914)
  • Kate Roberts (1891–1985)
  • Robert Roberts (Silyn) (1871–1930)
  • Robert Meirion Roberts (1906–1967)
  • Samuel Roberts (S.R.) (1800–1885)
  • Selyf Roberts (1912- )
  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts may refer to:*Sir Thomas Roberts, 4th Baronet , English MP*Tom Roberts , Australian artist*Tom Roberts , director of the film In Transit*Thomas Roberts , American news anchor...

  • William John Roberts (Gwilym Cowlyd) (1828–1904)
  • Wiliam Owen Roberts
    Wiliam Owen Roberts
    William Owen Roberts , is a Welsh language novelist and writer of plays for radio, television and theatre.He was born in Bangor, Gwynedd, and studied Welsh Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Wales from 1978 to 1981....

     (1960- )
  • John Roderick (Siôn Rhydderch) (1673–1735)
  • Robert David Rowlands (Anthropos) (1853?-1944)
  • Dafydd Rowlands (1931-2001)
  • Eurys Rowlands (1926- )
  • Ifan Rowlands (1879–1977)
  • John Rowlands
    Henry Morton Stanley
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley, GCB, born John Rowlands , was a Welsh journalist and explorer famous for his exploration of Africa and his search for David Livingstone. Upon finding Livingstone, Stanley allegedly uttered the now-famous greeting, "Dr...

     (1938- ) (author)
  • Robert John Rowlands (Meuryn) (1880–1967)
  • William Rowlands (Gwilym Lleyn) (1802–1865)
  • Gilbert Ruddock (1938- )


  • Edward Prosser Rhys (1901–1945)
  • Morgan Rhys (1716–1779)
  • Siôn Dafydd Rhys (1534-c.1619)


  • William Salesbury
    William Salesbury
    William Salesbury also Salusbury was the leading Welsh scholar of the Renaissance and the principal translator of the 1567 Welsh New Testament.Salesbury was born in about 1520 in the parish of Llansannan, Conwy...

  • Edward Samuel (1674–1748)
  • Azariah Shadrach (1774–1844)
  • Ben Simon
    Ben Simon
    Benjamin Clarke Simon is an American former professional ice hockey player who last played with the Sheffield Steelers of the Elite Ice Hockey League during the 2010-11 season...

  • Simwnt Fychan
    Simwnt Fychan
    Simwnt Fychan was a Welsh language poet and genealogist, probably born in Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd in north-east Wales.He was a colleague of the poet and scholar Gruffudd Hiraethog....

  • Roger Smyth (1541–1625)


  • David Thomas (Dafydd Ddu Eryri) (1759–1822)
  • David Thomas (Dewi Hefin)
    David Thomas (Dewi Hefin)
    David Thomas was a Welsh poet and teacher.-Life:Thomas was born in Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, south Wales on 4 June 1828. He went to school in Cribyn and later ran schools in various places in Cardiganshire until his retirement in 1883...

  • David Thomas (historian) (1880–1967)
  • Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd) (1802–1863)
  • Gwyn Thomas (poet)
    Gwyn Thomas (poet)
    Professor Gwyn Thomas , is a Welsh poet, academic and a former National Poet for Wales.Raised in Tanygrisiau and Blaenau Ffestiniog, Thomas was educated at Ysgol Sir Ffestiniog, University of Wales, Bangor and Jesus College, Oxford; Prof Thomas is presently Emeritus Professor of Welsh at the...

     (1936- )
  • Jennie Thomas (1898–1979)
  • John Thomas (hymn writer) (1730-1804?)
  • John Thomas (Siôn Wyn o Eifion) (1786–1859)
  • John Thomas (Ieuan Ddu) (1795–1871)
  • John Thomas (1821-1892) (1821–1892)
  • Oliver Thomas
    Oliver Thomas
    For the Texas businessman and World War II POW, see Oliver C. Thomas.Oliver M. Thomas, Jr. , is a Democratic politician from New Orleans. He served on the New Orleans City Council from 1994 to 2007...

  • Owen Thomas (1812–1891)
  • Richard James Thomas (1908–1976)
  • Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan) (1809–1880)
  • Ronald Stuart Thomas
    R. S. Thomas
    Ronald Stuart Thomas was a Welsh poet and Anglican clergyman, noted for his nationalism, spirituality and deep dislike of the anglicisation of Wales...

  • Thomas Jacob Thomas (Sarnicol) (1873–1945)
  • William Thomas (Islwyn)
    William Thomas (Islwyn)
    William Thomas, bardic name Islwyn , was a Welsh language poet, born near Ynysddu, then in the old county of Monmouthshire, south-east Wales.- Early life :...

  • William Thomas (Gwilym Marles)
    William Thomas (Gwilym Marles)
    William Thomas , better known by his bardic name of Gwilym Marles, was a Welsh minister and poet, and the great-uncle of Dylan Thomas. Dylan was given his middle name, "Marlais", in honour of William Thomas, who is also believed to have inspired the character of Rev...

  • William Thomas (Glanffrwd) (1843–1890)
  • Gwilym Richard Tilsley (Tilsli) (1911- )
  • Thomas ab Ieuan ap Rhys (c.1510-c.1560)
  • Angharad Tomos
    Angharad Tomos
    Angharad Tomos is a Welsh author and prominent language activist.-Biography:Tomos was born in Bangor, Gwynedd, in 1958, and raised with her five sisters in Llanwnda near Caernarfon. She attended Ysgol Gynradd Bontnewydd and Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle...


  • Richard Vaughan (fl. 1585-1624)
  • Rowland Vaughan (poet) (c.1587-1667)


  • Rowland Walter (Ionoron Glan Dwyryd) (1819–1884)
  • John Walters (1721-1797) (1721–1797)
  • Meurig Walters (1915–1988)
  • Urien Wiliam
    Urien Wiliam
    Urien Wiliam , was a Welsh language novelist and dramatist.He was born in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, the son of Professor Stephen J. Williams, an academic at Swansea University...

     (1929- )
  • Dafydd William (1720/1-1794)
  • Colin H Williams (1950-)
  • David John Williams (1885–1970)
  • David John Williams, Corris (1886–1950)
  • David Mathew Williams (Ieuan Griffiths) (1900–1970)
  • Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg)
    Iolo Morganwg
    Edward Williams, better known by his bardic name Iolo Morganwg , was an influential Welsh antiquarian, poet, collector, and literary forger. He was widely considered a leading collector and expert on medieval Welsh literature in his day, but after his death it was revealed that he had forged a...

  • Eliseus Williams (Eifion Wyn)
    Eliseus Williams (Eifion Wyn)
    Eliseus Williams, better known by his bardic name Eifion Wyn , was a Welsh language poet, born in Porthmadog in the old county of Caernarfonshire, north Wales...

  • Elizabeth Williams (1862-1953) (1862–1953)
  • Erni Llwyd Williams (1906–1960)
  • Fred Williams (1907-1972) (1907–1972)
  • Glanmor Williams
    Glanmor Williams
    Sir Glanmor Williams was one of Wales's most eminent historians.Sir Glanmor was born in Dowlais, into a working-class family, and was educated at Cyfarthfa Castle School. He studied at Aberystwyth alongside Alun Lewis and Emyr Humphreys, becoming a specialist in the early modern period of Welsh...

     (1920–2005 )
  • Griffith Williams (Gutyn Peris) (1769–1838)
  • Griffith John Williams (1892–1963)
  • Gwynne Williams
    Gwynne Williams
    Gwynne Williams is a Welsh writer of poetry and prose as well as a translator of numerous literary works from English into Welsh.A strong proponent of Cymraeg, the native language of Wales, Williams has been writing since the 1950s, with several volumes in print, including Rhwng gewyn ac asgwrn ,...

     (1937- )
  • Harri Williams (1913–1983)
  • Ifor Williams
    Ifor Williams
    Sir Ifor Williams was a Welsh scholar who laid the foundations for the academic study of Old Welsh, particularly early Welsh poetry....

  • Islwyn Williams (1903–1957)
  • Jac Lewis Williams (1918–1977)
  • John Williams (hymn writer) (c.1728-1806)
  • John Ellis Williams
    John Ellis Williams
    John Ellis Williams was a novelist and writer, writing in both English and Welsh.-Life:Williams was born in Llanddeiniolen, Caernarfonshire, on 20 August 1924, and was from a farming family....

  • John Ellis Williams
    John Ellis Williams
    John Ellis Williams was a novelist and writer, writing in both English and Welsh.-Life:Williams was born in Llanddeiniolen, Caernarfonshire, on 20 August 1924, and was from a farming family....

  • John Ellis Caerwyn Williams (1912- )
  • John Griffith Williams (1915–1987)
  • John James Williams (1869–1954)
  • John Lloyd Williams (1854–1945)
  • John Owen Williams (Pedrog)
    John Owen Williams (Pedrog)
    Rev John Owen Williams poet and ArchdruidPedrog was born in May 1853 in Madryn, near Pwllheli, the youngest son of Owen and Martha Williams, both of whom were in service locally. He had a tragic childhood. At the age of two he was sent to stay with his father’s sister Jane Owen, in Llanbedrog,...

  • John Richard Williams (J.R. Tryfanwy) (1867–1924)
  • John Roberts Williams (John Aelod Jones) (1914- )
  • Morris Williams (Nicander) (1809–1874)
  • Moses Williams
    Moses Williams
    Moses Williams was a Welsh antiquarian scholar.He was born the son of Samuel Williams, Vicar of Llan Dyfriog and Rector of Llan Gynllo, Cardiganshire, and his wife, Margaret, daughter of Jenkin Powell Prytherch, in Y Glaslyn, near Llandysul, Ceredigion, in south-west Wales.He was ordained a deacon...

  • Nathaniel Williams
    Nathaniel Williams
    -Life:Nathaniel Williams was the son of Thomas Williams, from Swansea in south Wales. Nathaniel Williams studied at the University of Oxford, matriculating as a member of Jesus College in 1672 and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1676. He wrote two books: A Pindaric Elegy on the famous...

  • Owen Williams (Owen Gwyrfai) (1790–1874)
  • Peter Williams (1723–1796)
  • Peter Bailey Williams
    Peter Bailey Williams
    Peter Bayley Williams was a Welsh Anglican priest and amateur antiquarian.-Life:Williams was the son of Peter Williams, a Welsh Calvinist Methodist clergyman and biblical commentator, and was born in Llandyfaelog, Carmarthenshire, west Wales...

  • Richard Williams (Dic Dywyll) (c.1805-c.1865)
  • Richard Williams (Gwydderig) (1842–1917)
  • Richard Bryn Williams
    Richard Bryn Williams
    Richard Bryn Williams, or Bryn Williams, , was a Welsh writer, poet, playwright and historian.- Biography :...

  • Richard Hughes Williams (Dic Tryfan)
    Richard Hughes Williams (Dic Tryfan)
    Richard Hughes Williams , or Dic Tryfan, was a Welsh language writer of short stories, born in Rhosgadfan in the old county of Caernarfonshire , north Wales. Most of his stories are set in the slate-quarrying communities of his native Caernarfonshire...

  • Robert Williams (poet) (1744–1815)
  • Robert Williams (Robert ap Gwilym Ddu) (1766–1850)
  • Robert Williams (Trebor Mai)
    Robert Williams (Trebor Mai)
    Robert Williams , usually referred to by his bardic name Trebor Mai, was a Welsh language poet, born in Llanrhychwyn, near Llanrwst, in the old county of Caernarfonshire, north Wales....

  • Robert Dewi Williams
    Robert Dewi Williams
    Robert Dewi Williams was a Welsh schoolteacher, Presbyterian minister and author.-Life:Williams was born on 29 December 1870 at Llwyn-du Isaf, Pandy Tudur in what was then the county of Denbighshire...

  • Robin Williams (1923- ) (1923- )
  • Rowland Williams (Hwfa Môn)
    Rowland Williams (Hwfa Môn)
    Rev. Rowland Williams , commonly known by his bardic name of "Hwfa Môn", was a Welsh clergyman and poet, who served as Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1895 to 1905.- Early Life and education:...

  • Rhydwen Williams
    Rhydwen Williams
    Robert Rhydwenfro Williams, known as Rhydwen Williams , was a Welsh poet, novelist and Baptist minister. His work is mainly written in his native Welsh language, and is noted for adapting the established style and context of Welsh poetry from a rural and bygone age to that of a modern industrial...

  • Stephen Joseph Williams (1896–1992)
  • Thomas Williams (Eos Gwynfa) (c.1769-1848)
  • Thomas Williams (Gwilym Morgannwg) (1778–1835)
  • Thomas Williams (Brynfab) (1848–1927)
  • Thomas Arfon Williams (1935- )
  • Thomas Marchant Williams (1845–1914)
  • Waldo Williams
    Waldo Williams
    Waldo Williams was one of the leading Welsh language poets of the twentieth century. He was also a notable pacifist, anti-war campaigner, and Welsh nationalist.-Life:...

  • Watkin Hezekiah Williams (Watcyn Wyn) (1844–1905)
  • William Williams (Pantycelyn)
    William Williams Pantycelyn
    William Williams Pantycelyn , also known as Williams Pantycelyn and Pantycelyn, is generally acknowledged as Wales' most famous hymn writer. He was also one of the key leaders of the 18th century Welsh Methodist revival, along with Daniel Rowland and Howell Harris. As a poet and prose writer he is...

  • William Williams (Caledfryn) (1801–1869)
  • William Williams (Gwilym Cyfeiliog) (1801–1876)
  • William Williams (Creuddynfab) (1814–1869)
  • William Williams (Y Lefiad) (fl. 1853)
  • William Williams (Crwys)
    William Williams (Crwys)
    William Williams , better known by his bardic name of "Crwys", was a Welsh poet in the Welsh language. He served as Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1939 to 1947....

  • William David Williams (1900–1983)
  • William Llewelyn Williams (1867–1922)
  • William Nantlais Williams (Nantlais) (1874–1959)
  • Owen Williamson (*)
  • Ellis Wynne
    Ellis Wynne
    Ellis Wynne was a Welsh clergyman and author of one of the most important and influential pieces of Welsh language literature....

  • Eirug Wyn
    Eirug Wyn
    Eirug Wyn was a Welsh satirical novelist who wrote in the Welsh language. He was born Eirug Price Wynne, in Llanbrynmair in Mid Wales, and educated at Brynrefail School and Trinity College, Carmarthen...