List of Alpha Phi Omega members

List of Alpha Phi Omega members

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This is a listing of notable alumni and honorary members of Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega is the largest collegiate fraternity in the United States, with chapters at over 350 campuses, an active membership of approximately 17,000 students, and over 350,000 alumni members...

, an international service fraternity
Service fraternities and sororities
Service fraternity may refer to any fraternal public service organization, such as the Kiwanis or Rotary International. In Canada and the United States, the term fraternal organization is more common as "fraternity" in everyday usage refers to fraternal student societies.In the context of the North...

. The list includes members of the fraternity who have become well known or who have attained high ranking positions in their particular career field, such as government and politics, academia, science and technology, sports, or business. Notable alumni refers to individuals who joined individual Alpha Phi Omega chapters during their college years and later went on to distinguish themselves in their personal or professional lives. Alumni include advisors who are members of the faculty, staff, scouting or community selected by a chapter to advise them. An honorary member refers to individuals who were offered honorary membership in various Alpha Phi Omega chapters as non-students, usually after they became notable.

The majority of chapters are in the United States of America, and nearly all of the remainder are in The Philippines.
  • Denotes Honorary Member status. Denotes member of Alpha Phi Omega - Republic of the Philippines.



Entertainment and sports

Government and politics

Science, medicine and technology


Service and non-profit

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