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Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri (ひめチェン!おとぎちっくアイドル リルぷりっ), also known as Lilpri, is a Japanese shōjo anime directed by Makoto Moriwaki
Makoto Moriwaki
is an anime director born in Hokkaidō, Japan. Moriwaki started as a reporter covering the TV Tokyo production Pay Attention to Dr. Rin. In 1982, Moriwaki founded with Yoshinobu Sanada, Toshiyuki Honda, and Hiroshi Fukutomi). From the first Doraemon movie produced by Shin'ei Dōga until 1989, she...

. The anime was adapted from the Sega
, usually styled as SEGA, is a multinational video game software developer and an arcade software and hardware development company headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, with various offices around the world...

 arcade game
Arcade game
An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine, usually installed in public businesses such as restaurants, bars, and amusement arcades. Most arcade games are video games, pinball machines, electro-mechanical games, redemption games, and merchandisers...

 of the same name.


Fairyland is in trouble. Its princesses and their respective worlds are disappearing, causing a ripple effect on Earth where their stories are popular. In order to save Fairyland, the Queen sends three "mapets" (magic animals), Sei, Dai, and Ryoku, to Earth with magic gems to find three girls who can become the "Super Miracle Idols," the princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Kaguya-hime. Those "princesses" end up being three very ordinary little girls: Yukimori Ringo, Takashiro Leila, and Sasahara Natsuki. The gems transform them into older singing superstars, and after their accidental debut at their favorite singer Wish's concert, they become known as "Little Princesses," or "LilPri" for short. Now they must use their songs to draw and collect Happiness Tones from humans in order to restore Fairyland.

Main Characters

They change into Lilpri with the chant of "Pripal, Prepal, Plilin, Pucchi! Hime Chen! (Princess Change!)"

Ringo is a sweet girl with shoulder-length pink curly hair. She dreams of becoming an idol when she's older. Her parents own a bakery that makes "the best apple pie in the world". She has seven identical little brothers (each named for a day of the week), sometimes referred to as "The Seven Dwarfs". She is always up for any adventure. She transforms into Snow White
Snow White
"Snow White" is a fairy tale known from many countries in Europe, the best known version being the German one collected by the Brothers Grimm...

 and her symbol is an apple. Her Ma-Pet is Sei, whom she tells her family is a parrot. She wears her red magical diamond that allows her to transform in a pinkish-red heart bracelet on her left wrist. She is voiced by Ayaka Wada
Ayaka Wada
is a Japanese pop singer signed to Hello! Project. She joined the project in 2004 as a member of Hello! Pro Egg and is currently a member of S/mileage and was a former member of Shugo Chara Egg!.-2004-2005:...


Leila is a timid and shy girl with short blonde hair with red clips on each side. She tends to be forgetful and clumsy. Her father is Italian and her mother is Japanese. Leila transforms into Cinderella
"Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper" is a folk tale embodying a myth-element of unjust oppression/triumphant reward. Thousands of variants are known throughout the world. The title character is a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune...

. She's represented by a sparkle/diamond. Her Ma-Pet is Dai the Dormouse. She wears her blue magical diamond in a blue heart bracelet on her left wrist. She is voiced by Yuuka Maeda
Yuuka Maeda
, born on December 28, 1994 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese pop singer and a member of S/mileage, under Hello! Project.-2004:Maeda Yuuka joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello! Pro Egg in June 2004 when she passed the auditions alongside thirty-two other girls...


Natsuki is a feisty girl from a wealthy family. Her family sells cloth for making kimonos. She has long purple hair which she usually wears in pigtails. She is also very good at sports. She transforms into Kaguya-hime and is represented by a crescent moon. Her Ma-Pet is Ryoku, a dragon. She wears her purple magical diamond in a purple heart bracelet on her left wrist. Her parents are overseas so she stays with her grandparents. She is voiced by Kanon Fukuda
Kanon Fukuda
is a Japanese pop singer and seiyu born in Saitama, Japan. She is a member of the Hello! Project band S/mileage, and a former member of Shugo Chara Egg!.- Biography :2004...


Wish is a popular male idol in the series, who sings and endorses products. He is known for his light blue short hair and crimson eyes. In reality, he is Prince Chris, the son of the Queen of Fairy Land, sent by his mother to help Lilpri gather Happiness Tones. When he becomes physically tired, he transforms into a rabbit. It is also reveal that he was the one who retrieved the magic stones that turns the girls into Lilpri. To help him change back and forth in his forms, he was given a watch by the Queen. The watch also contains information on when a tear in Fairyland would appear. The watch has also message recording abilities and hologram creation. In the past, he was a charming prince, always smiling. But ever since he turned into a rabbit, he never smiled until Lilpri came along. After the Ultimate Shine was found, he was restored into his original form for life and he continues to become an idol in the human world.

It is a secret between himself and Vivi that if he continues to be in his rabbit form, he will eventually become a rabbit for life. Unable to talk or sing, he will be a normal rabbit. He is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara
Tetsuya Kakihara
is a Japanese voice actor who is affiliated with 81 Produce . Until the age of 18, he resided abroad in Düsseldorf, Germany.He is currently affiliated with "Kiramune" in 2010, a music label by Bandai Visual Co., Ltd...



Sei is Ringo's Ma-Pet. Sei is a light blue bird from Fairyland. He is Snow White's companion. He fell in love with a yellow canary named Ran but got heartbroken when she got a boyfriend named Rei. He sleeps next to Ringo on her bed at night. He is voiced by Reiko Takagi
Reiko Takagi
is a Japanese voice actress from Osaka, Japan. She is currently represented by Sigma Seven.- TV animation :* El Hazard: The Wanderers * Brave Command Dagwon , child * Bamboo Bears , Karasu* Slayers Try , Palu...


Dai is Leila's Ma-Pet. He is a brown door mouse that loves to eat. He has a big tail that makes him often targeted to be called a squirrel. He has a lightning bolt strip on his forehead. Because Leila is so clumsy, Dai helps her remind of the things Leila forgets. He sleeps in a half completed doll house on a table in her room. He sleeps on the top floor in a doll sized bed and he has a hamster wheel. He is voiced by Yuka Nakatsukasa.

Natsuki's Ma-Pet. Ryoku is a dragon
A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern...

. He usually teases Natuki about her not being honest in expressing her feelings. Ryoku is mostly mistaken for a toy or a broccoli. He sleeps next to Natsuki on a pillow cushion with a small blanket. He is voiced by Hayamizu Risa.


The Queen is the ruler of Fairy Land. She is also Chris/Wish's mother. She has blue hair and pink eyes. She has a remarkably large crown and a veil. She is very nice, misses her son a lot, and is good at making rice omelets. She is voiced by Rei Sakuma
Rei Sakuma
is a Japanese voice actress employed by 81 Produce. She is best known in Japan for her voice work in the long running children's series Soreike! Anpanman; her most famous role in the English-speaking world, however, is probably as the Chinese Amazon Shampoo in Ranma ½.-Notable voice roles:*Akabon...


Ruu is a nymph of Fairyland. She specializes in flowers and is always seen with the Queen. She acted as Lilpri's guide upon their arrival in Fairyland. She is voiced by Akemi Kanda
Akemi Kanda
is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with Aoni Production. She was formerly a member of the voice actor unit DROPS, which included fellow voice actors Ai Nonaka, Tomoko Kaneda, Mariko Kōda, and Ryōko Shiraishi, and of the voice actor unit Aice5 along with Yui Horie, Chiaki Takahashi,...


A mermaid who fell through a tear. She is voiced by Yahagi Sayuri

Vivi is a cat-like Ma-Pet from Fairyland. She admires Prince Chris, but detests Lilpri. She is constantly searching for the "Ultimate Shine card" to turn back Wish out of his rabbit form, and into a human permanently. She is the Ma-Pet of the Keeper in Fairyland. She has four circular cards to help her find the "Ultimate Shine." In the human world, she inhabits a tree near/in Sakura Park. She can fly by enlarging her ears. She is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki.

Ringo's Father. His famous apple pie was inspired by Ringo's mother in the past. That is why he does not want to change its taste. He is voiced by Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Tokuyoshi Kawashima
is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with 81 Produce.- Roles :* Ah! My Goddess: The Movie as Miwa* Ayakashi Ayashi as Houzaburo Ogasawara* D.Gray-man as Mark * Emma - A Victorian Romance as Willam Jones* Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as Riddle...


Ringo's Mother.She has red curly hair; She helps Ringo's father with the store and watches her eight children. She is voiced by Yuuka Uchikawa.

Ringo's Septuplet brothers names are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They are voiced by Azusa Kataoka
Azusa Kataoka
is a female Japanese seiyū and singer. She was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.-Notable voice roles:2004*Aishiteruze Baby 2005*Onegai My Melody 2006*Artificial insect KABUTO BORG Victory by Victory...

, Mana Hirataetc.

Leila's Father, he is Italian. He met Leila's mother at an airport and comments that their names were similar. He owns a shoe company. He is voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida
Hiroshi Tsuchida
is a Japanese voice actor and actor affiliated with 81 Produce. Tsuchida is best known for his role as Saizou/NinjaBlue in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.-TV Anime:*Naruto *Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo *Honey and Clover...


Leila's Mother. She works as a flight attendant. She met Leila's father at an airport. She is voiced by Mana Hirata.

Natsuki's Grandfather. He is voiced by Kiyohito Yoshikai.

Natsuki's GrandMother. She is voiced by Kyouko Yamaguchi.

He is the teacher of Lilpri's school. He is married to Moeko. He believe in connection through feelings through the heart.

A woman who mastered the art of dancing. She comes to Natsuki's house to pick up a patterned bolt of cloth for a kimono but ends up buying everything when she has the inspiration of a new dance.

A little lost boy at a mall that the girls helped find his mother. He is 2 years old. He likes Flying Fish Man, a popular show for young boys.


The first opening of Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri, and also the very first dance and song Lilpri perform on stage.

The first ending to Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri, performed by S/mileage
is a Japanese girl group which originally consisted of four former Hello! Pro Egg members. They graduated from Egg status in 2010 and became full time members of Hello! Project. In 2010, they won the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist...


The second song Lilpri perform.

The third song Lilpri perform.

The second opening of Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri.

The second ending to Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri.

The fourth song Lilpri performes.


Ep. 1
- Princess Fairytale

Ep. 2
- Heart♥Heart Waitress

Ep. 3
- Western Honey

Ep. 4
- Cherry-Colored Beauty

Ep. 5
- Twirling March

Ep. 6
- Princess Fairytale

Ep. 7
- Melody Planet

Ep. 8
- GoGo! Rock Gal

Ep. 9
- Fruity Cheerleader

Ep. 10
- Rainbow-Colored Angel

Ep. 11
- Innocence Fairy

Ep. 12
- Berry Decoration

Ep. 13
- Noble Prince

Ep. 14
- Concert Soirée

Ep. 15
- Magical Card Dress

Ep. 16
- Wrapping Mini-Dress

Ep. 17
- Paradise Marine

Ep. 18
- Color-Fic Rock

Ep. 19
- Electro Doll

Ep. 20
- Concert Soirée

Ep. 21
- Dia♦Dia Waitress

Ep. 22
- Petit Ranger

Ep. 23
- Retro Fever

Ep. 24
- Pastel Bunny

Ep. 25
- Floria One Piece

Ep. 26
- Happiness Clover

Ep. 27
- Princess Fairytale

Ep. 28
- Cutie Police

Ep. 29
- Polka-Dot Puppy

Ep. 30
- Cool Pirates

Ep. 31
- Trick or Treat

Ep. 32
- Soul Diva

Ep. 33
- Cherry Sailor

Ep. 34
- Lovely Pierrot

Ep. 35
- Sunshine Waltz

Ep. 36
- Arabian Queen

Ep. 37
- Ribbon Merry-Go-Round

Ep. 38
- Merry Merry Christmas

Ep. 39
- Shiny Big Ribbon

Ep. 40
- Happy Wedding

Ep. 41
- Peony Maiden

Ep. 42
- Butterfly Tutu

Ep. 43
- Pretty Kitty

Ep. 44
- Show Time Orb

Ep. 45
- Crème Pâtissière

Ep. 46
- Soft Mix Jacket

Ep. 47
- Royal Antique

Ep. 48
- Smart British

Ep. 49
- Classic Checker

Ep. 50
- True Princess Symphony

Ep. 51
- True Princess Symphony

Episode List

  • They all have "Pri!" at the end of them.

  1. We found the Princesses!
  2. The Ma-Pet's Big Mistake
  3. The Princess is Forgetful!
  4. Master Arrives!
  5. Lost and in Big Trouble!
  6. Princess Training!
  7. I Quit Training!
  8. Chase After Wish!
  9. PriPri Soccer!
  10. Lovey-Dovey in Haiku Form!
  11. A Big Cinderella!
  12. The Best Apple Pie in the World!
  13. The Final Princess Change?
  14. We've Come to FairyLand!
  15. Seriously? Seriously Magic!
  16. Happy Shoes and the Release Event!
  17. Mermaid Lili!
  18. Welcome Home, Leila's Dad!
  19. A Test of Courage!
  20. Remember! Ma-Pets!
  21. The Princess is a Mother!
  22. Off We Go! Summer Memories!
  23. A Gingerbread House Fell From the Sky!
  24. The Popular Princess Kaguya!
  25. The Secret's Out!
  26. The Prince of Fairyland!
  27. The Omelet Rice of Hopes and Dreams!
  28. Vivi, the Prankster Ma-Pet Arrives!
  29. Who's a Good Fit for the Student Body President?
  30. The One-Inch Boy!
  31. I Spy a Tiny Witch!
  32. Resound, Lil'Pri's Song!
  33. Pri-Pri Cupid!
  34. The Princess Troupe!
  35. Oh No! Trouble with the Magic Card!
  36. Naan and Curry Idol!
  37. Where'd the Ma-Pet go?
  38. Merry Christmas!
  39. Huge Party in Fairyland!
  40. The Princesses Go On Forever!
  41. Welcome, Red Ridding Hood!
  42. A Swan Dive Into Karen!
  43. Dai's on a Diet!
  44. Ryoku wants to be a Dragon!
  45. Otohime's Hospitalitiy!
  46. Sayanara Wish!
  47. Number 1?! The Witch is here!
  48. Find the Special Dress!
  49. Goodbye Lilpri
  50. Shine, True Princesses!
  51. Pri-Pri Lil'Pri!

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