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Lanfang Republic

Lanfang Republic

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{{History of Indonesia}} The '''Lanfang Republic''' (modern name in [[Traditional Chinese]]: {{lang|zh-Hant|蘭芳共和國}}, [[Hanyu Pinyin]]: Lánfāng Gònghéguó) was a Chinese [[Sovereign state|state]] in [[West Kalimantan]] in [[Indonesia]] that was established by a [[Hakka people|Hakka Chinese]] named [[Low Lan Pak]] ([[Luo Fangbo]]) (羅芳伯) in 1777, until it was ended by [[Dutch East Indies|Dutch occupation]] in 1884 (for their part, the Dutch considered their actions in 1884 as breaking up a "[[Chinese uprising in Mandor, Borneo|Chinese uprising]]"). The [[sultans]] of [[West Kalimantan|Western Borneo]] imported Chinese laborers in 18th century to work in [[gold]] or [[tin|tin mines]]. A number of mining communities ([[kongsi]]) enjoyed some political autonomy, but Lanfang is the best known thanks to a history written by [[Yap Siong-yoen]], the son-in-law of the last [[Kapitan Cina|kapitan]] of the Lanfang ''kongsi'', which was translated into [[Dutch language|Dutch]] in 1885. None of the other Chinese mining settlements in western Kalimantan left written accounts (Heidhues 2001:169). ==External links== *[http://www.asiawind.com/hakka/lanfang.htm Info at Asiawind.com] {{coord missing|Indonesia}}