La Totale!


Everyone thinks that François Voisin is a model executive with a calm and orderly life, but it is only a front. In reality, François is a secret agent, one of the best: in the game he is nicknamed l'Épée, "the Sword". But even as he infiltrates arms-smuggling rings and prevents terrorist attacks, he fails to realize that his wife is bored. One day he discovers she is having an affair...


  • Thierry Lhermitte
    Thierry Lhermitte
    Thierry Lhermitte is a French actor, known for his comedic roles. He was one of the founders of the comedy troupe Le Splendid in the 1970s, along with, among others, his high-school friends Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, and Michel Blanc...

     as François Voisin
  • Miou-Miou
    Miou-Miou is a French actress. In her career she has worked with a number of international directors, including Michel Gondry, Bertrand Blier, Yves Boisset, Claude Berri, Jacques Deray, Michel Deville, Diane Kurys, Radu Mihăileanu, Patrice Leconte, Joseph Losey and Louis Malle.-Career:She was born...

     as Hélène Voisin
  • Eddy Mitchell
    Eddy Mitchell
    Eddy Mitchell is a French singer and actor. He began his career in the late 1950s, with the group Les Chaussettes Noires , taking his name from the American expatriate tough-guy actor Eddie Constantine...

     as Albert "Einstein" Grelleau
  • Michel Boujenah
    Michel Boujenah
    Michel Boujenah is a French actor, comedian, film director and screenwriter.-Career:Boujenah has appeared in over twenty-five films and almost ten television productions...

     as Simon/Marcel
  • Jean Benguigui
    Jean Benguigui
    Jean Benguigui is a French actor of the screen, stage and on television, he born April 8 1944 in Oran. He is of Jewish descent. In 2006 and 2007 he played the role of impresario Cartoni in a new adaptation of the operetta Le Chanteur de Mexico at the Theatre du Chatelet.-Filmography:* La croisière...

     as Sarkis, an arms-smuggler
  • Annick Alane
    Annick Alane
    Annick Alane is a French film, television, and theatre actress.-Filmography :*1956: Les Truands directed by Carlo Rim*1964: Les Pieds dans le plâtre directed by Jacques Fabbri and Pierre Lary...

     as Pascaline
  • Claudine Wilde as Vanessa, a call girl
  • François Hadji-Lazaro as Braquet, head of the secret service
  • Yan Epstein as Izmir
  • Sagamore Stévenin as Julien Voisin
  • Jean-Guillaume Le Dantec as Paul
  • Pierre Pellerin as Gérard
  • Alain Stern as Philippe
  • Thierry Liagre as Vincent
  • Paulina Zidi as Paulina Voisin

Autour du film

  • The film was remade in 1994 by James Cameron
    James Cameron
    James Francis Cameron is a Canadian-American film director, film producer, screenwriter, editor, environmentalist and inventor...

     as True Lies
    True Lies
    True Lies is a 1994 American action-comedy film directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, Charlton Heston, and Art Malik. Eliza Dushku also appears in the film in one of her first major film roles...

  • The film features Frédéric Diefenthal
    Frédéric Diefenthal
    Frédéric Diefenthal is a French actor and director.-Biography:Diefenthal began acting in the early 1990s; he held a main role in the French television series Le juge est une femme , where he first gained a degree of notoriety...

    's debut.
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