Khaliji (music)

Khaliji (music)

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Khaliji is the style of music native to the Arab states of the Persian Gulf
Arab states of the Persian Gulf
"Arab states of the Persian Gulf" or "Arab Persian Gulf states" or "Persian Gulf Arab states" or "Arabic Persian Gulf states" or "Arab States of The Gulf", are terms that refer to the six Arab states of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, bordering the Persian Gulf....

Music of Bahrain
The music of Bahrain is part of the pan-Gulf khaleeji folk traditions. It is also known for sawt music, a bluesy genre influenced by African, Indian and Persian music...

, Kuwait
Music of Kuwait
The traditional music of Kuwait were well-recorded until the Persian Gulf War, when Iraq invaded the country and destroyed the archive. Nevertheless, Kuwait has retained a vital music industry, both long before the war and after...

, Oman
Music of Oman
The music of Oman has been strongly affected by the country's coastal location, with Omani sailors interacting with, and bringing back music from, Egypt, Tanzania and elsewhere. More recently, a Portuguese occupation has left its own marks, while geographic neighbors like the United Arab Emirates,...

, Qatar
Music of Qatar
The music of Qatar is based on Bedouin poetry, song and dance. Traditional dances in Doha are performed on Friday afternoons; one such dance is the Ardah, a stylized martial dance performed by two rows of dancers who are accompanied by an array of percussion instruments, including al-ras ,...

, Saudi Arabia
Music of Saudi Arabia
The music of Saudi Arabia includes both Western and traditional music. Like many of its Persian Gulf neighbors, khaleeji folk traditions are popular styles. The most distinguished musician in recent Saudi history is Tariq Abdulhakeem, who composed hundreds of famous Saudi songs for himself as well...

, and the UAE
Music of the United Arab Emirates
The music of the United Arab Emirates stems from the Persian Gulf khaleeji tradition, and from Bedouin folk music. Distinctive dance songs from the area's fishermen are also well-known...

). It is characterized by heavy use of the traditional tabl
The davul or tupan is a large double-headed drum that is played with sticks. It has many names depending on the country and region.-Names:Some names of davuls include:*tupan *davul...

drum and music of the oud
The oud is a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in North African and Middle Eastern music. The modern oud and the European lute both descend from a common ancestor via diverging paths...


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  • Ardha
    Ardah is a type of folkloric dance performed by the Bedouin tribes of Najd. It was traditionally performed before going to war. Originally "ardah" is for Shammr tribe, but nowadays is performed at celebrations or cultural events, such as the Jenadriyah festival. The dance, which is performed by...

  • Sawt (music)
  • Fijiri
    Fidjeri is the specific repertoire of vocal music sung by the pearl divers of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf . A lead singer is backed up by a chorus of accompanying singers and clapping...

  • Yowla
    Yowla is a type of type of traditional dance found in the United Arab Emirates. It involves spinning and throwing a rifle.-See also:* Ardha* Fijiri* Sawt * M'alayah* Liwa * Mizmar -External links:* *...

  • M'alayah
    The M'alayah is a kind of dance common in the Middle Eastern and the North African countries...

  • Liwa (music)
    Liwa (music)
    Līwa is a traditional dance performed in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, mainly in communities of descendants of East Africans from the Swahili Coast...

  • Culture of the Arab States of Persian Gulf
    Culture of the Arab States of Persian Gulf
    There are many aspects of culture in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. While being Arab at its core, it has been influenced by the cultures of India, Persia, and East Africa, because of extensive trade links.-Music and dance:* Ardha* Sawt * Fijiri...