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Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics

Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics

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'''Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics''' ({{lang-ru|Институт радиотехники и электроники (ИРЭ)}}) by the [[Russian Academy of Science]] is an institute in [[Moscow]], that conducts fundamental research in fields of [[radiophysics]], [[radiotechnics]], physical and [[quantum electronics]], [[Informatics (academic field)|informatics]]. It was established in 1953 as an institute of the [[USSR Academy of Sciences]], and expanded in 1955 to include sites in [[Fryazino]], [[Saratov]] and [[Ulyanovsk]]. Since 1954, for a long time its director was the famous Soviet scientist [[Vladimir Kotelnikov]]. {{As of|2006}} the director is [[Yuri Vasilyevich Gulyayev|Yuri Gulyaev]]. In 1957 by a decision of the [[Central Committee of the CPSU]] and the [[Council of Ministers (Soviet Union)|Council of Ministers]] the institute was assigned a task of establishing stations, that would receive signals of [[Sputnik 1]]. There were very few professional stations in the USSR at the time, and the institute cooperated with [[amateur radio|radio amateurs]] throughout the country and provided necessary equipment to 30 selected large [[DOSAAF]] amateur radio clubs from the [[Baltic Sea]] to the [[Pacific Ocean]]. The institute lead scientific works on the creation of the planetary [[radar]] and on the [[radiolocation]]al exploration of other [[planet]]s. One of the main results was creation of the first ever radar map of the [[Northern Hemisphere]] of [[Venus]] in 1984, using results of [[Venera 15]] and [[Venera 16]] missions. In 1969 the institute was awarded the [[Order of the Red Banner of Labour]]. ==External links== *[http://www.cplire.ru/ Institute of Radio Engineering. Official website] *[http://fire.relarn.ru branch in Fryazino] *[http://www.cplire.ru/rus/sfire/index.html branch in Saratov] *[http://hosting.ulstu.ru/rte/index.html branch in Ulyanovsk] {{coord missing|Russia}}