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While Imad is a common Arabic male name and means in the military sense, the "Chief Commander" respectively "Top-Ranking Officer/General" the addition of "AL" at the beginning indicates clearly the originally Druze
The Druze are an esoteric, monotheistic religious community, found primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, which emerged during the 11th century from Ismailism. The Druze have an eclectic set of beliefs that incorporate several elements from Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism...

 Feudal Family IMAD/Al-Imad in the Chouf region of Mount Lebanon.

Ethical Origin

The Imad family is named for al-Amadiyyah, near Mosul in northern Iraq, and, like the Jumblatt Family, is thought to be of Kurdish origin.

Some unconfirmed sources alleged, that the roots of Family Imad ancestors are associated with those of Imad-Ad-Din Zengi
Imad ad-Din Zengi was the atabeg of Mosul, Aleppo, Hama and Edessa and founder of the Zengid dynasty, to which he gave his name.-Early life:...

(1087; † 1146), who was in turn the Atabeg of Mosul from 1127 until his death in 1146.